5 Ways To Stay In Control Of Your Basement Renovations

Basement Renovations

Finding a basement contractor can be challenging.  For the contractor, it means performing well and to the satisfaction of the customer; knowing the business.  As the homeowner, it means creating an atmosphere conducive to a good work environment but still overseeing the project to be sure of its completion with value and desired outcomes. As a homeowner, there are a number of ways to remain in control when working with Ottawa Basement Contractors.

Selection – It is important to select a contractor that has the appropriate and enough experience to perform the job.  The company should maintain a staff of qualified technicians, be bonded, and carry sufficient and appropriate insurance.  Getting at least three estimates is a good way to compare prices, quality, and be comfortable with the final choice.

Pre-Planning – Decide in advance what work is to be done.  Set a budget and stick with it.  Have everything in writing to control the scope of work, price, and timeframe.

Be Present – While it is important to avoid annoying the workers or to micromanage the project, it is equally important to keep a handle on the work that is done.  Appropriate comments or questions should be addressed professionally but will mean a good understanding of the job and progress.

Communication – Keeping open lines of communication with the contractor will ensure control of the project and achieving the desired results.

Boundaries – Don’t get too friendly with the workers.  Keeping a professional demeanor will maintain everything on an even keel.  The workers will not become distracted and the homeowner will maintain control.

Basement renovations can be tricky but with just a little effort, it can become less overwhelming.