Benefits of 24-Hour Emergency Towing Service

Towing Service

Many of us find we are driving at all hours of the day or night and sometimes accidents happen.  Having roadside assistance available from a towing service is critical.  

  • Using a service that offers 24-hour towing means you will experience a quicker response time than from a company that will need to locate a driver and truck, not on call.  The 24-hour company will have operators and trucks prepared and ready to help you out of your dilemma.
  • These companies will generally work with your insurance provider.  Since many 24-hour tow companies have worked with most insurance carriers, they will have the experience to help you navigate the paperwork, or even do it for you.
  • The prices are kept low because they have enough business to operate in a cost-effective manner.
  • Training is usually provided to the drivers and operators.  That way they are able to handle difficult situations and a variety of vehicle types.  Don’t trust your safety to a company that is not licensed and insured.
  • These companies provide ancillary services like jump starts, fuel delivery, tire changes, and lockout services.
  • Storage facilities are available with many of these 24/7 providers.  They frequently have both long and short term lots depending on the damage to the car.  Most are equipped with security including alarms, CCTV, and laser beams.
  • Many have advanced equipment like trucks that can haul multiple vehicles or high powered winches and tow ropes to pull large vehicles from ditches.

When you find yourself in a predicament, make the call to a 24-hour towing service.  Give the representative as much information as possible about the location, type of vehicles(s) and situation, including any potential injuries and number of people involved.  Hopefully, you will never need such a service, but if you do, you should know what to do.