Conventional Metal Braces Ensure Beautiful Smiles

Metal Braces

Metal braces have popular use in orthodontics to straighten and align teeth into their desired positions. The use of metal braces has ensured the improvement and maintenance of dental health.

Orthodontic treatment through metal braces helps to correct problems such as overbites, underbites, open bites and malocclusions, cross bites and other problems with your teeth and jaws.

Other orthodontic treatment options available at Hedgewood House Dental include ceramic brackets which are discreet and very effective in giving a beautiful and straight smile. Some of the ceramic brackets are available in the design and shape of the traditional metal braces.

These ceramic braces are nearly invisible and it will be difficult for other people to know if you undergoing orthodontic treatment. The ceramic brackets are attached to your teeth and can be connected using clear wires or tooth-colored wires. You will need to maintain good oral hygiene if you have ceramic braces to prevent staining after consuming foods such as coffee, curry, and colored fruits.

The ceramic braces are usually made from alumina compounds which are strong and non-porous. The archwire is made from metal which can be frosted with colors that range from white to silver to blend with the color of your teeth.

Ceramic brackets are usually smaller in design compared to the conventional metal braces. They have been found to be comfortable and do not overly affect oral health since they take a smaller space on your teeth. These smaller ceramic braces are also resilient and strong providing superior adhesive strength and do not cause tooth enamel erosion.

Other benefits that come along with the use of ceramic braces include the ability to choose from a wide selection of orthodontic archwire and aiding in the achievement of orthodontic treatment goals. The archwires will have a thin white-colored coating and will be attached on the labial surface. In effect, the braces become a good choice for invisible orthodontic treatment. Ceramic brackets ensure that you have a beautiful smile after successful completion of treatment.