Debunking Common Misconceptions about Window Replacement

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There are misconceptions associated with window replacement in Edmonton and Calgary which may prevent homeowners from getting new windows. We will help to debunk some of these myths and misconceptions to help homeowners move ahead and improve their homes through window replacement. With the right information, window replacement projects are not as difficult as many people may think.

Window Replacement is a Major Renovation

The misconception that window replacement demands major renovations to the home has often acted as a deterrent to accomplishing the project. You do not have to pull down walls or to remodel the home to perform window replacement.

The amount of work that goes into a window replacement project is dependent on the type of window to be installed. Window replacement can be accomplished in two ways; a retrofit or a tear-out. The retrofit utilizes the old frames for the new windows whereas a tear-out will include removal of both old windows and frames for an entirely new model of windows.

It Takes Weeks to Complete Window Replacement

Actual window replacement by a professional will only take a couple of days. Making use of window replacement professionals will make the process hassle-free and will even clean up any mess to leave the home as they found it.

You Must Replace All Windows At Once

A home can have dozens of windows and must not be replaced all at once. Make a plan and replace windows in the order of importance. You can start off with damaged windows and even those that are leaking. All you need is to have a timeline for the replacement of your windows with new ones.

I Can Save Money by Replacing Windows Myself

This is a big misconception in window replacement and will prove to be a big hassle if you do not have the right skills. Window replacement professionals will have the right tools, professional training, and extensive experience which come together to ensure a hassle-free window replacement process. It is better to get right from the beginning and prevent problems.