How Do You Divide Your Household in a Divorce?

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Breakups are never easy from an emotional and psychological point of view. Having to hire a divorce lawyer and divide up household belongings and other property doesn’t make it any easier. 

The following tips will help make the sharing out of any accumulated household goods or property simple, quick and easier and breakdown of a marriage.

Only marital property is divided between you and your spouse after a marriage ends. Marital property refers to property acquired together while the marriage lasted. Anything else that you owned before getting married is not counted as marital property. 

After a marriage comes to an end, you and your spouse should enumerate and then share equally all household property that you bought and kept during the marriage. You should get some of the household property valued to make splitting it easier and quicker. Remember that the value of an item is not similar to the cost of replacement; rather it is the amount a person would pay for that item in its existing condition. 

You will not be helping matters if you dig in your heels and contest every little item in the household. The rule of thumb is that the time and money spent fighting over household items will in most instances be more valuable than the item(s) itself. It is wise to navigate through this component of separation without the intervention of a lawyer. 

The best recommendation that works well and easily for couples going through a separation is to create two lists of household items. Ask a spouse to create two lists of household items that divide them equally into two columns. The other spouse will choose one column of household items to claim as their part of the bargain. It is usually an efficient way of fairly splitting household items while remaining fair.