Hiring an In-Home Caregiver Checklist


Sometimes, the assistance of friends and family for portions of the day is not enough to help a senior who lives on their own in retaining their quality of life. Some conditions and circumstances require a more consistent degree of care, including professional care that is knowledgeable about and experienced in dealing with whatever ailment afflicts your loved one. Daily or around-the-clock care can become too much for friends and family to accommodate in their own busy lives. That is where Global Healthcare Services steps in.

The caregivers can provide the extent of care that your senior loved one needs, including personal hygiene and homemaking services. Utilizing our comprehensive list of in-home caregiving services will not only reduce the weight on your shoulders, but also ensure that your loved one is properly cared for and feels respected in their own home.

Below is our checklist for selecting the right in-home care provider for you and your family. While you consider who to involve in your loved one’s life, reference this checklist when choosing between providers.

Assess and write down their needs with the help of their physician.
– Do they need assistance for daily tasks?
– Dietary restrictions
– Medicine schedule

Understand your budget for affording an in-home care provider.
– Weekly and monthly costs
– Does their insurance cover any in-home care?
– Who is paying for the care provider?

Draft a schedule, including what days/hours the caregiver’s services will be needed.

Select an Ottawa home care agency, like Global Healthcare Services. Look for agencies that:
– Do background checks on caregivers
– Carry workers compensation insurance for their caregivers
– Are well-staffed enough to provide a replacement caregiver if your usual one is ill or otherwise out
– Accept insurance
– Can provide specifically educated caregivers to best deal with your loved one’s condition
– Hire only trained and certified caregivers

Select a caregiver
– Interviews with potential caregivers
– Ask for references
– Make sure that the caregiver can meet the physical demands of the job (like lifting a person from bed when necessary)
– Make sure that they get along with the senior patient, and vice-versa

It might seem daunting, having to hire an in-home care provider to care for your loved one. After all, you don’t want to choose the wrong agency or caregiver. But with this checklist and the assistance of our professionals at Global Healthcare Services, you will be on the right track to finding the perfect caregiver for your loved one.