Home Electrical Safety Tips for Winter

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Home Electrical Safety Tips for Winter

When winter comes, it can create electrical hazards and/ or make you frustrated if you are not well-prepared. Thankfully, there are expert electricians in Ottawa to call when in need of electrical repair.

To make sure you are well-prepared for winter, we have provided the home electrical safety tips below to help you stay safe and warm.

  1. Position your space heater far away from curtains, rugs, walls, and furniture

Space heaters are great for warming rooms without increasing heating bills significantly. However, since they emit a lot of heat, it is important to place them far away from any material or item that is flammable. So if you feel a material or item near the heater is becoming hot, you should move it or the heater to avoid starting a fire.

  1. Get ready for power blackouts

The winter season usually results in damages to power lines leading to power blackouts or outages. So be prepared for extended blackouts by buying an emergency kit. Such a kit will typically contain water, a first aid kid, survival food, space blankets, flashlights, and batteries. It will help your family survive until power is restored. In case you’ve got the funds, you should buy a big generator to generate power in case of a power outage. If you buy or you have such a generator, you should always check it and make sure it has everything to provide you with power for an extended period of time.

  1. Look for exposed wires that could come into contact with water

If you see any exposed wires that could come into contact with water, contact a professional to have them fixed as soon as possible. 

  1. Get a surge protector installed

In case you already have a surge protector, you should get it inspected to see if it is working normally. A surge protector will prevent damage to electronics plus electrocutions by suppressing surges.

  1. Switch off your appliances in case of a long power blackout

This will protect them from power surges that normally occur when power is switched back on after a long time.

  1. Stay away from fallen power lines

Power lines can electrocute you directly or indirectly if you get too close. Therefore, you should stay away to protect yourself.