How a Physiotherapist can Assist in Recovering from Foot Injury

Physiotherapist Ottawa

It seems too often an ankle injury is ignored with the idea that it will heal on its own.  When there is a prolonged issue, it is recommended that a physical therapy company become involved.

Untreated ankle sprains can cause long-term damage.  A sprain or strain is when the ankle joints swell and cause pain.  This is usually because the ligament has rolled or twisted and can actually be torn.  This can be the result of a sports incident or just something that happens on an ordinary day.

The exact cause of the problem can stem from a number of reasons, including:

  • Walking on uneven ground
  • The foot is in an unusual or awkward position for an extended period of time

There are three bones at the ankle:  talus, tibia, and fibula.  A sprain can affect any or all of these bones as well as ligaments and tendons.  An injury will put an amazing amount of pressure on these areas but by seeking treatment from Ottawa Physical Therapy, it is possible to correct the problem.

Another common issue is improper footwear.  A physiotherapist can offer suggestions and advice about shoes that will help avoid problems or to prescribe orthotics for additional support.

To prevent further and possibly permanent damage, it is important to contact Ottawa Physical Therapy to schedule an appointment to have the joint evaluated and treated.  The situation will be assessed and a determination made of the extent of the injury and damage.

A physiotherapist will:

  • Take a complete medical history
  • Perform an examination
  • Make a diagnosis
  • Explain the condition
  • Set reasonable goals
  • Analyze daily progress
  • Implement a program
    • Postural education
    • General education
    • Exercise prescription
  • Treat the injury
    • Massage
    • Stretches
    • Mobilization
    • Hydrotherapy