How Often Do You Need To Replace Your Windows?

Window Replacement Ottawa

It can be a difficult decision when faced with either repairing existing windows or replacing them completely.  Cost is certainly a factor with the expense of new windows at hundreds of dollars each.  It is one of the costliest items in the home.

New windows have obvious advantages.  Technologic advances mean a better seal which results in:

  • Energy savings
  • Smoother operation
  • Better overall appearance
  • Lower maintenance
  • Easier cleaning.

The downside includes not only the cost of the window but the charges for installation.

Simply repairing existing windows means tolerating sticky open and closing mechanisms, stripping and painting every few years, less convenient cleaning, and higher than necessary energy costs from drafts and broken seals.

When looking at the original windows here are a few things to consider when opting for a repair over window replacement:

Rotted Wood – Once wood starts to deteriorate, it is almost impossible to stop.  If the frames are damaged, it would probably be more cost efficient to replace the entire window than try to remove, repair the frame, and replace the existing glass and mechanisms.

Cloudy Glass – With double pane windows, the area between the two pieces of glass can sometimes become foggy.  That means it is not as easy to see through.  The choices are new glass installation or replacing the entire window.  In this case, a complete replacement is far less expensive and difficult.

Sagging Casements – Crank mechanisms are easy to replace and if that is all that is wrong with the window, the choice is easy.  If broken hinges are involved, they become more difficult to locate in just the right style and size and, sadly, that may not fix the sag.  In that case, a full replacement is probably the better option.

Broken Hardware – If the window itself is in good shape, but the hardware is broken, generally just fixing the hardware is the better way to go.  Obviously, if the hardware is only outdated, that is easy to replace.  Contacting the window manufacturer is a good way to locate replacement parts.

There are always costs associated with homeownership.  Windows are an integral part of the overall appearance and operation.  Hopefully, this will offer some practical insights into the alternatives of repair versus replacement. Be sure to check out Glass Company in Ottawa. They are experts in the field and are happy to offer free consultation services.