How Physical Therapy Can Help Improve Mental Health

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The benefits of physical fitness are well known. When you hit the gym regularly, blood circulates better in your body and that generally improves your health and wellbeing. Working out regularly also improves mood significantly. It makes you feel happier. However, if you have anxiety or depression just the thought of doing something like going to work out or train at the gym is often something that your head cannot even tolerate.

Mental health issues like depression and anxiety are usually easily manifested in the body. For example, depression can quickly make you start feeling exhausted or sick. It can also make you think it is not possible to even move a lot let alone hitting the gym. However, through the assistance of a physical therapist, you can get a proper exercise plan tailor-made for your situation. Such a plan can help you to get the quantity of daily exercise you need to feel good and to stay or get healthy.

The good news is that while mental health problems like depression and anxiety can make it difficult for you to hit the gym, once you do hit the gym, the working out can improve your mood and your mental health. Many people suffering from depression and anxiety usually have a very low mood and don’t exercise much. But as mentioned, with the help of a physical therapist they can get an exercise plan to help them exercise daily. The benefits of such exercises include improved mood, fewer muscle issues, reduced chronic pain, and better stress management.

How Exactly Does Physical Therapy Improve Mood and Mental Health

Well, it is through endorphins.

Let me explain.

When we engage in physical activity, workouts, or exercises, the brain does something magical – it releases endorphins. When endorphins are released, they improve mood almost instantly. They also help muscles to heal faster after intense workouts. They have a myriad of other benefits as well. But as mentioned, they specifically improve mood and make people feel better. Which is exactly what someone with depression or anxiety needs as part of their healing process.

Other hormones released after a good workout or exercise session include dopamine and serotonin. These two hormones are colloquially referred to as feel-good hormones. And they do exactly that. They make you feel energetic and happy. They also have kind of the same effects as morphine in that they relieve pain and make people feel euphoric.

In other words, if you want to feel like you are in cloud nine, a good workout may just be what you need.

Unfortunately, people who have mental issues such as anxiety and depression usually have very low quantities of these feel-good hormones circulating in their blood. The low amounts of these hormones are what contribute to low mood, lack of energy, and lack of concentration amongst people with mental health issues.

The fact that guys suffering from anxiety and depression do not do much physical activity also means that blood and oxygen circulation in their bodies is poor. This is among the factors that also lead to feelings of tiredness and exhaustion amongst such people.

The good news, as mentioned before, is that through the use of an exercise plan tailor-made by a licensed physical therapist, individuals with depression, stress, or anxiety can get the daily amount of exercise they need. This can help to improve their mood, focus, energy, and attitude through the release of the above mentioned feel-good hormones. The individuals getting their daily amount of exercise will also automatically improve their blood flow and oxygen circulation. This will reduce feelings of tiredness and exhaustion and improve their health and wellbeing.

If you have depression or anxiety and you are considering alternatives to heavy prescription drug use, you should consult with your physician about getting to see a licensed physical therapist. An excellent licensed therapist like those at the Apollo Physical Therapy Center in Ottawa can work with you to create an exercise plan or program that will help you immensely.