How Spray Foam Provides Insulation for Your Home

spray foam insulation

Wintertime represents a time when your energy bills rise since you have turned up heating for your home. If you are always turning up the heat, your home may not be energy efficient. 

Icynene spray foam insulation has been hailed as good insulation for the home. One important characteristic of Icynene is its ability to expand and fill up tiny gaps and crevices meaning it reaches areas that traditional insulation material is not able to reach. 

Icynene spray foam can be likened to a lined windbreaker which will repel moisture and keep out wind ensuring that you stay warm and cozy. The air barrier that Icynene creates will ensure the home stays warm and cozy. As a result, you will be making savings in your heating and cooling bills and protecting the environment. 

The following is the process of installation of Icynene spray foam and what makes it ideal for cold and draft rooms in the home. 

Start by identifying a licensed Icynene spray foam installer in your local area and get to discuss the unique needs of your home. What works best for one family may not work to the liking of a different family. All Icynene spray foam contractors must complete training to fully understand its installation before being licensed. You will have peace of mind working with licensed contractors to insulate your home with Icynene spray foam. 

The installation process entails the use of highly calibrated machines to mix different liquids which when sprayed turn into foam by expanding one hundredfold. The expansion characteristic of Icynen allows the foam to get into and fill cracks and crevices ensuring effective insulation. Icynene spray foam reaches all crevices where traditional insulation materials cannot reach guaranteeing uniform insulation and no draft spots are created. 

Icynene spray foam will offer added value if you ever want to sell the home since it will last through the lifetime of the home and still offer effective insulation. The new homeowner will be confident about enjoying increased comfort in the home for a long time. 

The energy savings obtained from the installation of Icynene spray foam will be able to pay back the initial investment in approximately five years. No more disagreements over the thermostat, you will have numerous years of peace of mind in a comfortable home.