How To Be an Exceptional Driver

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Driving is an important part of life. Teenagers start doing to drive when they are 16 in Ottawa and at this age, there are so many distractions that can pose a danger to them behind the wheel. So, how can we make them able to drive with responsibility? What tips can they follow?


It’s important to remain focused while behind the wheel. Your guard should never be let down. There was one time where a person had stopped at a red light and lost their focus, thinking they were at a stop sign and pulled right out into traffic. The instructor brake pedal was slammed on the by the time the car stopped, it was halfway across one lane. Luckily, the driver of the other vehicle swerved on time.

Stay Awake

Driving classes are an intense 90-minutes to two hours. This is where your brain is being trained to become watchful. At first, you will need to constantly scan crosswalks, intersections, check blind spots, and keep an eye out for drivers who switch lanes without using their signals. After a while, your brain turns into an antivirus program and just become watchful for dangers.

Remember Your Pedals

It’s important to remember which pedal is which. There was an incident with a student driver where he was trying to do a three-point turn. He foot slipped and he ended up hitting the gas and running into a mailbox. Luckily it wasn’t a child or another car, rather, a mailbox that the owner wanted to replace anyway.

Don’t Feel Pressured

If you don’t think that you are ready to get behind the wheel, that’s perfectly okay. Don’t let your friends or family pressure you to do so. There’s no reason why you would need to get your license right away. Some students get into the driver’s seat and have no idea what they are doing because they don’t have any practice time. Don’t be pressured, do it when you want to to avoid mistakes.

Consider Online Courses

Today, you can take just about any course online for anything. Now, you can take drivers ED without actually having to step foot in a classroom or a car. These driving courses give you tips for safe driving and teach you the rules of the road.

Stay Grounded

If you are an expert driver when it comes to video games, it’s almost certain that you aren’t going to be a good driver in real life. You can’t just get into a car and expect your skills to be the same. It’s common for instructors to give these students a quick reality check by quickly slamming on their brakes when they see their students rolling into an intersection without knowing what they are doing.

If you can remember these simple steps, you will be an exceptional driver. Never assume that your instructor is automatically going to pass you because you say that you are a good driver. Remember to always be aware of your surroundings on the road and consider taking drivers ED courses from an Ottawa driving school so that you can better prepare yourself.