Need a New Roof? Look at Your Options

Ottawa Roofing

When you have to get a new roof for your Ottawa home, you are going to be faced with many options. You can choose from various materials and you also have to decide what company is best for the roofing contract. It is important to conduct research on the materials you can use for your roof, because each material has its unique positives and negatives. Here are some of the most commonly used materials in roofing.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing –

This is the most commonly used material, and it is also the most economical. In many cases, you can get an asphalt roof shingle for half the price you would pay if you used other materials. Even though asphalt shingle does not look as good as some of the other options, it is going to protect your roof for a long time and it will get you there on a tight budget!

Metal Roofing –

Metal roofing is great for homes where you are getting a lot of snowfall in the winter.

There are various types of metal you can choose for metal roofing. Standing metal roofing comes in the form of large sheets, which are attached to the roof’s decking. You can also use metal roof tiles and metal roof shingles, although they are more expensive than using the panels.

Whatever type of metal roofing you choose for your roof, you are going to need something that can last for many decades. You are also going to get a discount from your homeowners’ insurance provider if you have a solid roofing material on your roof, because they know how much damage you can suffer if you have an improperly installed or maintained roof. The appearance of metal roofs is not for everyone, but it is the best way to protect your home from snow and ice!

Tile Roofing Materials –

The roofs that are the most attractive, but also the priciest, are the ones with tiles. Tile roofing is very popular in the southwest, and it consists of having burnt orange tiles placed on your roof. The performance is also great, because you are getting something that is going to stay on your roof for 60 or 70 years without any problems.

In areas where you get a lot of hurricanes, tornadoes or hailstorms, you are going to need the type of roof that can last. And tile roofs are not the best option, because they are prone to damage. But as long as you live in an area where these events are not common, you should not have many issues. Tile roofs are simple to maintain when they are not subjected to intense elements.

If you are looking at a tile roof to replace your old roof, you need to consider whether the structure of your Ottawa home is going to have any problems dealing with the additional weight of having these tiles on the roof. The tiles protect the roof very well, but they are quite heavy, which can cause a strain on homes that do not have the strongest foundations.

Other Roofing Materials –

Cedar Shingles –

These are very expensive when compared to asphalt shingles, but they are beautiful. If price is not a problem, these shingles can last you for many years. But it is important to maintain cedar shingles properly.

Concrete Shingles –

These have become more popular over the past few years, because they are almost indestructible. They also come in many gorgeous shapes and sizes. Concrete roofing is expensive, but it can get you a roof that is going to last until you pass away!

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