The Need For an Orthodontics Specialist

Orthodontist Ottawa

Orthodontics is a scientific branch of dentistry that has been practiced since the 1880s.  Often it is thought of as a procedure relegated to only the rich, or to those who are overly concerned with their appearance.

While it is true that orthodontics improves a person’s face and can add to a more attractive smile, there is far more to this science than that.

Orthodontics studies teeth alignment.  The technical term for this misalignment is Malocclusion.  These malocclusions are classified as Class I, Class II and Class III.  Besides often resulting in low self-confidence, malocclusions can cause difficulties chewing and breathing, as well as other health issues.

Class I is a normal bite but the teeth will overlap slightly.  Class II is an overbite.  Class III is severe to the point that the lower jaw will jut out and cause pain or discomfort.

Orthodontics offers different types of procedures and processes that will move the teeth into better alignment.  Usually, these involve tooth extraction and the use of braces.  In the past, the bulky and obvious braces caused as much self-esteem problems as the misalignment itself.  Today the headgear is less obvious and in some cases becomes a trendy “accessory” for teens and tweens.

If you, or a loved one, feel you have misaligned teeth or malocclusions, consult with Invisible Braces Ottawa.  An orthodontic specialist will thoroughly examine the teeth and offer consultation about how best to proceed.