Reasons for Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal Ottawa

Raccoon removal is necessary before they wreak havoc to your property or home in Ottawa. Raccoons make the home in places such as the attic, basement, and other less commonly used areas where they can shelter from the cold winter weather.

Raccoon removal is a dangerous pest control exercise compared to mice and bug removal since these animals can inflict serious bite injuries. Call for Capital Wildlife Control to get rid of raccoons from your property in Ottawa.

A pregnant raccoon looking for a safe haven will find the attic and other such secluded spaces ideal to make a nest. The unwelcome visitor to the attic will bring along a trail of wanton destruction to wiring and the roof. Creation of holes in and around the roof will make the homeless energy efficient. Raccoons may choose to nest in your chimney and this will also bring its fair share of problems.

As earlier mentioned, do not attempt to removal raccoons on your own since they can easily turn protective and rabid especially if it is a mother with young ones. A bite from a raccoon could prove to be dangerous especially if they are carrying vermin and disease. Equally, you may end up getting rid of the mother leaving behind a litter of young ones which amounts an unsuccessful attempt at raccoon removal.

Professional raccoon removal services are better placed to completely get rid of the raccoon menace. The professionals will carry out a safe and successful raccoon removal since there are no repellents against raccoons. The experienced raccoon removal experts will trap the animals and take them away to animal protection services.

As is now evident, carpenters or other handymen are not well equipped to handle raccoon removal. A common inclination for homeowners has been to call for a carpenter since it is the attic that houses raccoons. The need for a carpenter comes after professional raccoon removal experts have trapped the animals.  The carpenter will fix the damage caused in the attic by the removed raccoon.

If you have noted the presence of raccoons on your property through telltale signs such as ransacked garbage bins, missing pet food, or damage to your property, immediately contact Capital Wildlife Control. You must not try to contain the raccoons in any part of the property, raccoon removal services have the necessary skills and equipment to safely trap these pests and rid you of this problem entirely.