Reducing Cardiovascular Diseases with a Naturopath Approach

Cardiovascular (CDV) diseases refer to a collection of conditions associated with the heart, circulation, and blood vessels. They include strokes, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. Obesity, smoking, and poor diet are among the driving factors to these diseases and contribute to a significant fraction of related deaths. That said, below are some naturopath approaches to keeping your heart healthy and reducing your chances of developing cardiovascular disease:

Daily workout

Working out is key for your cardiovascular health. A combination of weight training and cardio training helps strengthen your body muscles, including the heart muscles. Working out also enhances blood circulation and the heart’s ability to pump blood and convey oxygen to your cells much more efficiently. In addition, exercises help with weight management and blood sugar regulation.

Proper stress management

Create time for self-care and relaxation. When stressed up, your body produces the hormones adrenaline and cortisol; stress hormones are involved in the regulation of blood pressure and heart rate. Chronic stress raises your risk of heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure. 

Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Apart from causing inflammation and acidity in your body, these substances increase your blood pressure and heart rate. Caffeine may also result in palpitations and decrease blood flow in the arteries as it obstructs the hormone that keeps the arteries wide open.

Quit smoking

Smoking causes permanent damage to your blood vessels and lungs. Cigarettes contain toxic chemicals that can thicken the blood, increasing the formation of clots and plaques in your arteries and veins that could result in blockages. In addition, cigarettes contain carbon monoxide that decreases the availability of oxygen in your body.

Stick to a healthy diet

Do away with high-sugar foods, fried foods, refined carbohydrates, deli meats, red meats, and pasteurized dairy products as these types of foods have been found to contribute to poor CDV health. Instead, observe a rich diet in fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, whole grains, and quality protein.

Substitute table salt

Instead of table salt, use rock salt, plant salt, or natural sea salt. Table salt is lethal to your body as it can result in blood pressure and increases the chances of developing CDV, particularly strokes and heart attacks.

Maintain a healthy weight

Lose weight if you need to. Obesity can cause high blood pressure and/or plaques to develop in the arteries, thus increasing the risk of developing heart disease. By consuming the right foods, avoiding poor dietary habits, and regularly exercising, you will naturally lose weight.

Include herbs and spices in your meals

Adding spices and herbs such as ginger, garlic, cayenne, turmeric, coriander, and cinnamon to your food supports heart health and improves blood circulation. These spices can help to prevent the formation of blood clots, reduce inflammation, maintain blood pressure, and promote proper blood flow in the body.

Stay hydrated

By drinking enough fluids, including herbal teas and filtered water, you’ll be able to keep your body hydrated. When the body is well-hydrated, the blood volume drops, which means that the heart has to beat faster to maintain blood circulation. As an outcome, both your blood pressure and heart rate will rise to desirable levels.

Getting Help from a Naturopath Doctor

If you have any cardiovascular disease and want to try a naturopathic approach, contact Bioheal Ottawa. They offer different treatments to several issues focussing on the root of the problem. Working with a trustworthy naturopath Ottawa clinic can improve your overall well-being in the most natural way possible. Schedule an appointment for more information on how to reduce heart diseases and other issues naturally.