Renovate Your Swimming Pool and Transform Your Backyard

Pool Renovation Kanata

A renovation project for your swimming pool will help to transform an old and character-less backyard into a beautiful oasis for your parties. People who have older homes with an existing swimming pool are aware of the need to make the swimming pool have a modern, beautiful and luxurious look.

The old swimming pool will most likely be rectangular in shape with no other features except for the water it contains. The landscaping all around the pool may just be grass and a fence which are uninspiring. Through the services of Laughlin Pools in Ottawa and with some imagination, the boring backyard can be transformed into an island paradise ready to host parties.

Here are some things to consider and transformations to make:

Before Renovation:

  • Shape: rectangular and set in cement
  • Features: just water and perhaps in a lucky situation there will be a small diving board
  • Landscaping: cement slab patio off the back door and a grass backyard with a few shrubs
  • Party props: nothing special here except that people bring their towels and sit on the cement or on the grass.

After the Renovation Project:

  • Shape: the chosen contractor will make changes to the rectangular cement border and give the swimming pool a geometric shape and include a built-in hot tub. A cool decking will be constructed to surround the new modernized pool to accommodate greater room for lounges, patio tables, and deck chairs.
  • Features: the contractor can add a water feature that includes faux stonework. With the water feature, you have the opportunity to hear and watch the beautiful and soothing waterfall. Another advantage of trickling water is that it keeps the pool water cooler and more refreshing. The addition of colored recessed lights at the bottom of the pool and turning them on a night will set the mood for a party.
  • Landscaping: the backyard can be spruced up through the addition of palm trees and other flowering bushes including agapanthus, geraniums, and bougainvillea. These plants can be planted directly in the yard or in pots. Landscaping makes the deck or the backyard an ideal place for dining outdoors and for barbecues.
  • Party Props: you can have a sound system installed in the patio with speakers mounted under the patio cover. Other options include the addition of Chinese lanterns and tiki-torches, the addition of a plastic shed to hold pool toys and many other options that make the swimming pool a party oasis.

At the end of the Ottawa pool renovation project, your swimming pool will have been transformed from the boring rectangular cement block to a modern geometrically shaped pool with a waterfall, hot tub, and lush island-like landscaping. The new swimming pool becomes the place to sit, swim, dance, play, eat, and party for your family and guests.