Safe and Humane Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Removal Ottawa

It is very likely that at some point you will find yourself confronted with some form of a feral animal.  It can be a kitten or some invasive critter that has found its way into your home.  There are two major approaches:  handling the matter on your own or calling a professional.

Humane Treatment – Professional wildlife removal services are trained in the proper techniques to remove the animal with safety to both the animal and you and your family.  They use humane traps and check them frequently to be sure the animal is not penned for an extended time.  Then the animal will be safely released elsewhere.

Location – For the homeowner, it may difficult to locate a critter.  It can be frustrating and even dangerous.  Professionals who are trained in wildlife removal know the likely spots and can identify signs of the animal’s presence.  It will be handled as efficiently as possible.

Safety Techniques – These professionals know exactly how to handle and approach different types of animals.  They are concerned for the safety of the humans as well as the animals, including an offspring that may be around.  The professionals will be sure the job is complete.

Prevention – Some animals are proficient at accessing homes through what appears to be only tiny openings.  Professionals are able to detect those entry points and secure them to prevent future intrusions.

Personal Safety – Even seemingly innocuous animals can become dangerous if trapped.  They can also be an unwelcome surprise in the middle of the night.  Using a professional wildlife control expert means they are committed to providing the best service to their customers.

Sanitation – Some animals bring along diseases or other pests through their saliva or excrements.  Professional removal experts know how to carefully remove and dispose of any situations that could become harmful to you, your home, and family.

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