Should I Hire a Lawyer to Make My Will?

will and estate lawyer

Making a will is part of estate planning. It is something that you need to take seriously because if you do it wrong, your dependents could end up not getting everything that you plan to leave for them. This is the main reason why people hire a will and estate lawyers to make their wills. Below are two other reasons why you should consider hiring a professional estate planning lawyer to make your will.

You need a professional estate planning lawyer to help you since estate planning is highly regulated Different jurisdictions across the world have different and very specific laws on estate planning and the making of wills. The laws dictate what can be in the will, who can be a witness to the signing of a will, who can be appointed a personal representative, and the limits of the power of attorney with regards to estate planning. They also dictate many other things. So you should consider hiring a qualified estate planning lawyer to make sure your will and other estate planning documents are done correctly and in a legally acceptable and binding manner. You need a professional estate planning lawyer to sort out complex situations If you have a complex financial or family situation, you better seek a qualified estate planning lawyer to make your will. Otherwise, you will result in a conflict between your loved ones or could result in your assets being frozen for a long time as a court or a mediator tries to sort the different parties out.

Not sure if you have a complex financial or family situation? Well, you have a complex financial situation: if you own a business or business; if you own property in one or more jurisdiction; if you want to leave part of your wealth to charity; if you have significant retirement benefits; or if you have a taxable estate. And you have a complex family situation: if you are in a marriage that is not your first; if you have children who are minors; if you have children who have a disability; if you recently separated from your partner; or if you lost a close family member recently. All complex situations require experienced and professional estate planning lawyers to help you make sure your will and your other estate planning documents are in order. Contact us today to talk to a professional estate planning lawyer.