The Advantages of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Ottawa

Homes and offices here in Ottawa and all across the world are going for engineered hardwood flooring as their first choice. Engineered hardwood is manufactured and provides the beauty of natural hardwood and strength due to the laminated layers.

The benefits of engineered hardwood are numerous making it a good flooring choice for your Ottawa home. The flooring provides a long lasting beautiful finish for any room in the home. You will enjoy the natural characteristics of solid natural wood. The top layer of the flooring will be natural hardwood while the lower layer will be made of other material bonded together to provide strength.

Engineered hardwood is both stable and strong owing to the highly bonded layers. The strength derived from the bonded layers makes the floor a good option despite the nature of the subfloor. Engineered hardwood can be installed anywhere without any restrictions. The solid wood floors can only be installed on specific types of subfloors. A concrete subfloor will damage solid wood due to moisture content but is good for the engineered hardwood.

With engineered hardwood, you have a wide range to choose from to bring out the best from your rooms or the entire home. You can choose from different wood types such as cherry, jatoba, maple, oak, and walnut. A good Ottawa Flooring Store will help you in making the selection that will work best for your spaces, and that offers the best visual appeal.

The engineered floor can withstand temperature changes. The contraction of tiled floor leads to cracking while contracting solid wood floor will warp. Engineered hardwood is not damaged by expansion or contractions eliminating the need to replace an unstable floor.

 These floors are good for installation in a cold basement or the upper levels of the home. Engineered hardwood is resistant to dampness and can handle temperature changes. You can, therefore, install these floors with utmost confidence.

Lastly and perhaps the greatest benefit of the engineered hardwood is that the flooring provides value over a lifetime. The properties of the flooring such as durability, stability, and strength ensure that it can last through many years of use. The engineered hardwood will, therefore, add both appeal and value to the home when selling due to its beauty and natural wood characteristics.

The following flooring stores have a reputation for quality, reliability, and trust and will provide you with the best flooring options in Ottawa. Remember to get engineered hardwood flooring from the best and leading supplier.

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