Things to Consider Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

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There are the predictable questions of when and where immediately after a couple gets engaged. The two questions on the date and the location of the wedding are not easy for most couples.

Currently, the number of Ottawa wedding venues has grown tremendously, and it’s therefore not easy to select a wedding venue. Days are past when a couple has to settle for the single wedding venue available in your hometown. You will have to think through some considerations before settling down for a specific venue.

There is way more to consider other than just feeling comfortable or liking a space. To make the task of selecting a venue easy, we have some suggestions for you to follow in finding the right wedding venue.

  1. Understand the Logistics

Remembering to factor in the logistics of a venue can save you unwanted headaches. Wedding planning is associated with lots of excitement and emotion. Couples will often see a venue, get excited about it and sign the contract with giving it a thought.

Some considerations to keep in mind are how many guests the venue will fit, the season and time of day for your wedding, and any special accommodations your guests might require.

You can easily and confidently pick a venue if you have an idea of the number of guests at your wedding. You can ensure that the venue has proper accessibility for people with disabilities.

Most couples have a good idea of the season they want to tie the knot which makes it easy to settle for a wedding venue. Ask questions such as: Is there heat and air conditioning? Is there space if it starts to rain? If there is a good lighting when evening approaches?

  1. Pay A Visit To The Venue At The Time Of Day Your Wedding Will Be

It makes a lot of sense to have a feel of the venue at a similar time of day as your wedding. Most couples get married on Saturdays, and that makes Saturdays a good day to check out venues.

Go back for a second visit at the very time of day your wedding will be held. It will help to get the same view of the venue as the time of day of the wedding. You will want to see how the light floods into space, feel if a cold draft sweeps through the hallway and many other aspects.

The visit to the venue presents an opportunity to bring your wedding planner or coordinator so that they can have a look at the venue. The wedding professionals will have a different take of a venue and will offer some good advice.

  1. Enquire If The Venue Is Full Service Or Not

Wedding venues differ markedly in whether they are full service and non-full service. The full-service wedding venue provides everything from tables and chairs to linens and catering supplies. The non-full service venue provides you space only.

The non-full service, therefore, means that you will be booking all the vendors for the wedding day. Other venues prefer vendors that they have worked with before, so that is something to figure out before you the book space. It may end up eliminating the option of shopping around and finding an affordable quote to meet your budget.

  1. Decide On Your Wedding Style & Feel

You should keep in mind that style specific weddings require unique and specific venues. The style of the wedding will help you to determine what kind of venues to visit and choose from.  You may want to avoid country charm venues if you plan on having a modern minimalist wedding.

Settling for a wedding style will help you to find a suitable venue and to save on decorations and decor if you select a venue that suits your wedding day style.

  1. Ask, Ask & Ask Again

You may have your list of questions about a potential venue. It is important but will not be as important as asking the same questions to some different people associated with the venue.

You might get different answers depending on who you ask and their role at the venue. Make a point of asking your questions to everyone right from the catering manager, to the business manager, and to the day-of coordinator.

You should seek to know who will be helping out on the day of the wedding, the number of weddings held there in a single day, planned construction or landscape changes before your wedding, etc.

Do not tire of asking questions. Ask again and then get everything in writing!

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