Tips For Hiring A Contractor to Install Pavers

Interlock Pavers Ottawa

Part of the pride in homeownership is maintaining its beauty both inside and out.  For the exterior you want a lovely landscape to include interlock services for your pathways and drives.

These areas are subject to a lot of use and damage from the elements is an inevitability.  When this happens, you should consider hiring an Ottawa expert in bricks and stones who can repair or replace those walks and driveways.

When shopping for a good company skilled in working with interlock, ask your friends and family for recommendation both for quality and price.  Whoever you hire should have a good reputation in the industry.  An internet search will give you a number of professionals to choose from.

As you narrow your search you will be able to see the value in using a professional company.  Unless you have the skills and tools, you risk creating a worse problem than when you started.

The best contractors will:

  • Be sure the slope is correct for proper water drainage
  • Compact each foundation layer and install a layer of geo fabric between the subsurface and the crushed stone to prevent weeds and sinking
  • Compact the subsoil before laying the base materials
  • Fill the spaces between the pavers
  • Use edging to keep the pavers from moving

There are several critical elements you should be sure of before proceeding with the contractor.

  • Licensed in Ottawa
  • Insurance including liability insurance and insurance on the employees.  Ask for proof.
  • Is the work guaranteed?
  • What will the work schedule be?  They should give you the day and time they will start, how long they will work each day and how many days to complete.
  • Ask for an estimate.
  • Always have a contract.
  • Ask for a design that you can approve, including the materials.
  • References

With all of this information, you should be able to hire the best company for your interlock needs and to keep your property looking great. A&Z Interlock Design and Build is known in the Ottawa area for its expertise in interlock pavers work and design. Beginning with an idea, through actual design, to construction, and completion, they are here to turn your dreams into reality.