Top 5 Reasons for Working with a Custom Home Builder

Custom Home Builders Ottawa

For many people contemplating a new home construction, the concept of a custom build seems beyond their reach, from the perspectives of finances and the enormity of the task.  With the help of an Ottawa custom home builder, the process can be much simpler than you may think.

With a custom home, the owners start with a blank canvas.  They start with setting a budget and rely on the builder to help with design decisions.  The key is a reputable contractor who will guide the owners through the entire process.

If you are considering teaming with a custom home builder, here are things to consider.


Buying an existing house, you may end up with features, and even space, that won’t fit your needs or wants.  With a custom home builder, you can direct where your money is spent.  At the outset, there should be an open discussion of finances and your vision.  The builder will be able to create just the right combination of amenities and requirements that fit within your budget.  a project manager will oversee the costs and assure that you remain within the established parameters.

Single Contact

The project manager is probably the only person you will deal with over the span of construction.  He or she will provide you with updates.  As a team, you and the project manager will communicate through the process to assure you can discuss your needs and concerns.  This is a critical element in new home construction since it eliminates the need to send multiple pieces of correspondence to any number of people.  This means less chance of miscommunication or lost information.

Cost Effective

Instead of dealing with and hiring individual professionals and subcontractors, the custom home builder provides all the services of a team of designers, contractors, and architects, all of whom have proven experience and can collaborate to provide you with a wonderful home.  In addition, you will be able to draw on the insight of craftspersons who are experts in materials and features.


A reputable Ottawa custom home builder will come to you with years of residential home construction experience.  This means they are aware of potential problems and the best methods to solve any issues.  They will also use the best quality materials within your price range, which will mean less maintenance over the ensuing years.  It is their goal to provide you with the dream home built with the highest standards in sight.


Partnering with a custom home builder means that the home is unique to your tastes and needs.  Every decision is made for your personal lifestyle and future.

The opportunities include cozy and quaint to large and elaborate.  Every space will have your stamp of approval.  You have the choice of acreage or a small lot.  You will get to chose the exposure to light and take advantage of any technologic advances available to you and your family.

Northwood is an Ottawa home builder who can work with you and for you.  This team effort will save you time, stress and money.  Contact us to discuss the opportunities available.