Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Garage Floor Coatings

Garage Floor Coatings

A garage is one of the most used rooms in the home since it acts as the main entrance to the home. Garages are regularly used for parking the vehicle, for storing items in the home, or as a play area for children. A high-performance floor coating is required for this high traffic room.

Garage Perfect are specialists in flooring installation and are best placed to provide high quality and durable surfaces. Let’s learn about the advantages of garage floor coatings.

Aesthetics: Get a garage floor coating that is not only beautiful but also practical in design. Some of the finishes available are flake combinations and colors that can be customized to individual tastes.

Durability: A durable concrete surface coating will retain a look that is near new for many years. All coatings are durable, will resist wear and peeling from high traffic, and that has 100% UV protection. Coatings are bonded onto concrete to protect the concrete surface.

Ease of Maintenance: Garage floors should be easy to clean with water and mop to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust. Non-porous floor surfaces are the best option because these surfaces are resistant to staining and will not allow saturation of dirt, road salt or oil.

Highly Resistance: Garage Perfect has developed a system that involves the installation of a topcoat that is resistant to abrasion, impact and extreme temperatures. The resultant garage floor can withstand Ottawa winters as well as hot tires.

Usable Space: Our floor coating systems can transform your garage floor into a warm and welcoming space that can be converted to other uses. The garage can then be used as a playroom for the children or a room to entertain guests to a barbecue or as a staging area.

Garage Perfect provides warranties for all floor coatings that we install in Ottawa and beyond. High-quality floor installations by the team will completely transform your garage.