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When getting a new paint job for a classic car there are various options to think about when you want to touch up or completely restore your classic car’s paint job. Vintage care restorations use new paint to make your restoration look as good as new. Here is somethings you should know about before buying all that paint, primer or full paints jobs from classic car restoration services.

Restore or Repaint?

Restoring or repainting a classic or even a modern car can be very costly. Thankfully, it is sometimes even possible to salvage the paint job.

Sometimes when old cars sit outside for year or even decades without proper maintenance, their outer layers are exposed to the elements of weather and easily corrode. With ultraviolet rays, dust, salt and acidic rain, it tortures paint jobs. If you have a classic car that has patches of rust or corrosion, it very well may need many new coating of primer, paint and gloss.

If there are even just one or two blemishes, you will be able to see dramatic improvements by simply removing the outer layer of paint. As long as the original paint job was many layers thick, you should easily be able to strip away the damaged layer which should reveal a deep vibrant color.

Buying Paint

Sometimes it is difficult to find the right paint for your classic car. Vintage cars are often sold in colors that are no longer popular. For that, hobbyists who want to duplicate a dependable look will need to search for specialty paints. Vintage care restoration services can often carry vintage colors options for mixing paints that will achieve a specific appearance.

Prepping for a New Classic Paint Job

When you are going to repaint your car yourself, you will need to put a great deal of time and effort for prepping for the work. You should begin by using a power sander. This will thoroughly smooth your car’s body and remove blemishes. This is a very time consuming process. Which is absolutely vital for a quality paint job.

When your car is smooth and thoroughly washed you should dry it. Using an air compressor to remove all the excess moisture, dirt and particles that are left over from the sanding process. You can then finish the preparation by taping and covering every surface you don’t want to be painted.

Classic Car Paint

You need to first choose the most ideal environment possible for completing your paint job. Indoors is the most ideal and if you choose outside you must be aware of the weather. Dirt and insects can easily make their way onto your primer and paint after it has been applied which will leave unpleasant marks.

Before you apply the color, you will need to put on two coats or more of primer. Once your primer is finally dry, you should remove most of it by sanding your car again. By doing this, it will leave a smooth, paintable surface and fill in any gaps in the car’s body.

Finally, when you are ready to paint, you will need to either apply several thick coats or use on cost followed by protective gloss. In both cases you have to constantly make sure the preliminary coats of paint or primer are completely dry and free of blemishes before you continue with the next step.


Buying a Classic Paint job

Most hobbyists enjoy doing their own paint jobs, but most of the time it requires a great deal of time, money, knowledge and specialized equipment. Unless you own your own auto shop yourself, it may be better and easier for you to own hire a classic car restoration service to professionally restore your classic car’s paint.

A professional classic car restoration service may use blasting techniques like sand blast to strip a car of its old paint and finish. This does not always work for some cars.  For a more comprehensive classic car paint restoration project, some may dip the frame and body components in an acid wash to completely remove all seals, gaskets, paints and solvents, this is often the best option. If you would like to find out what service is right for your antique automobile restoration project, you should call a professional for a free quote.

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