Use Professional Auto Mechanics for Auto Repair Needs

Auto Repair Ottawa

Professional auto mechanics have the ability to provide high quality and reliable auto repair services. Jim Dickenson, an auto repair and care shop in Ottawa, provides first-rate maintenance and repair services and strives to achieve customer satisfaction.

Our team of professional auto mechanics focuses on accurate diagnosis so that our customers get quick services in areas such as engine tune-ups, heating and cooling services, transmission repair, brake repair, and exhaust system services.

Our communication with the customer is always clear and open so that they can get an accurate diagnosis and quality maintenance and repair services. You cannot trust everybody with crucial jobs such as transmission and brake repair service. Jim Dickenson has been in the auto repair business for numerous years and has the experts to carry out professional and accurate repairs or maintenance services to get you back on the road.

The braking system is a critical component which determines the safety and efficiency of your vehicle. You must look for people with good knowledge of brake repair and maintenance for any work that you want to be done on the brakes of your car.

Always get the four-wheel brake inspection every time the tires are aligned keeping your safety and that of the vehicle in mind. An experienced and skilled mechanic will recommend that you get:

  • The brake fluid checked
  • Brake system is flushed and bled if contamination is detected
  • Drums and rotors are checked for thickness and damage
  • Comprehensive brake inspection

When it is time for a transmission check or inspection, always make use of the services of an experienced and reliable auto repair shop. Jim Dickenson will carry out a thorough transmission check and repair job that will get rid of any concerns for the vehicle owner. The following indicators should warrant an immediate transmission inspection; coming on of the check engine light, erratic shifting, transmission leaks, and slipping gears.

A good auto repair shop should check the hoses and belts in the engine every time the vehicle is brought in for routine service. These components are subjected to harsh conditions on a continuous basis and deteriorate over time. Jim Dickenson is experienced mechanics who will carry out proper inspection for cracks, bulges, and blisters on your hoses and belts and change them where necessary to prevent your vehicle from stalling on you.

Jim Dickenson will handle any other auto repair and maintenance services such as cooling and heating services, battery services, engine tune-up, and exhaust system repairs. You simply make a call to schedule your vehicle inspection and to learn more about the pricing of their services, current promotions, payment options and working hours.