Ways to Employ a General Contractor for The Next Job

Ottawa General Contractor

No matter if you are constructing a new construction project or even if you are scheduling to renovate a current space within your home, it is extremely important that you are able to work with only professionals that have great respect for the ideas that you have, your budget and even your project. Its known that a construction project may be time and energy consuming and that there are many people who do not have the time or even the experience to act as their own general contractor. This is the type of job that should always be left for a contractor to do. If you are in the market for a general contractor in the Ottawa area, the following will show you how you can find the current person for your project.

Seek Out the Contractor’s Website

Many reputable Ottawa general contractors have websites that are updated constantly. The websites are often used by homeowners and businesses to find out the important information they need before getting in touch with the contractor. For instance, a website may include, certifications, company awards and credentials.  When you are looking at a contractor’s website, make sure that they are putting industrial language to good use. It is rare but possible that a person will make a fake website in attempt to scam vulnerable homeowners. Before ever hiring someone you need to make sure that you feel comfortable with them and that their work is legit.

Perform a Primary Consultation over the Phone

You should always perform a consultation over the phone before using and possibly wasting your time and energy on having them come to your home. This is the interview that you will be able to tell if you are comfortable with the contractor and make sure that they will be able to take on your sort of work. Remember to ask plenty of questions for example:

  • Are you able to take on a job as small or big as mine?
  • Have you worked long with the subcontractors for a while?
  • Do you have any verifiable referrals that I can contact?
  • How is your payment structure?
  • How many jobs do you work on a time?

Never be scared to ask any questions you may have. If they are a legit contractor, then they should not have any problems with answering these questions for you or any other that you have. You may come across a contractor or two that is not willing to talk on the phone or even answer any questions, and if that happens to you then you may just need to start looking for another.

Never Employ a Contractor Just Because of the Great Price

All anyone has ever wanted was a great deal that is lower than your budget. Now cheap work might seem like a great idea, but in the long run you will more than likely pay a lot more than what your budget will allow.  If you have gotten many bids and if you see that there might be one single bid that is real lower than the others, ask many questions before you hire them.

There are many times where a lower bid is a tip-off that they are not skilled and don’t have the qualifications to be a contractor. There are many contractors who need experience to get started, it is important that you know that you do not have to be that one who will give it to them. If a bid is low, that may also mean that they will use incorrect materials and simply just not do a good job. Another reason for a low bid is because they did not include all of the materials cost and all of the labor cost or even the subcontractor costs. The very best and honest choice you should make is pick a contractor who has the fairest bid and includes the proper materials and with superior craftsmanship.

All Details Should Be in Writing

Some contractors think that you might be picky since you are asking them to put everything in detail in writing and then signing it. But the truth is, you aren’t being picky in fact you are being very smart. The following outlines what should be in the contract:

A start date

Schedule of payments

All warranty information

Estimated end date

All subcontractor’s information: addresses, licenses, names

What will happen if the contractor or the homeowner does not do what is needed

If you have everything written in black and white, it keeps the project honest and will most likely prevent any and all delays or hardships.

If you follow the tips outlined here, you will be able to find the proper general contractor in Ottawa that you hope for.

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