Why Landscape Architecture?

Landscape Design

Landscape architecture is the design, planning, implementation, and management of the exterior of your home or business, parks, educational facilities, golf courses, and more. Large, public projects can involve the partnership of engineers, surveyors, community activists, etc. to complete local parks and neighborhoods aesthetic. They affect personal space as well as communities and contribute to the enjoyment and improvement of outdoor activities.

A landscape architect is educated and licensed to create an artistic and functional outdoor space.  They assure that all the plans meet current governmental regulations. They can work with residential, commercial, governmental clients to create the specific design for the area, regardless of size.  They realize the importance of historic elements and cultural resources. Their goal is to create an atmosphere suitable for human, plant, and wildlife as interactive elements.

When selecting a Ottawa landscape design company, ask about college degrees, associations they may belong to, and previous projects. It is important that their tastes and viewpoints dovetail with your beliefs to result in a satisfactory and mutually pleasant outcome. Be sure they have planned for future growth, after all trees don’t stay the same size as when planted.

At A&Z Interlock Design and Build, they have the expertise to develop a detailed plan, and when appropriate build a scale model of the proposal, that will reflect all the components, including trees, shrubbery, flowers. They also focus on the landscaping like walkways, seating, retaining walls, and water features. This will enable them to make any necessary adjustment before the actual construction and implementation begin. They can work with any budgetary constraints to give you the best options available.

Their success is based on relationships. Listening is their most valuable asset. They provide clients with sound information and offer innovative solutions to unusual situations. Their passion is the beautification of outdoor spaces with quality results.

A&Z Interlock Design and Build is known in the Ottawa area for its expertise in landscape work and design.  Beginning with an idea, through actual design, to construction, and completion, they are here to turn your dreams into reality.  Contact them for a free consultation. They are committed to enhancing the beauty and safety of the outdoor environment through proven landscaping techniques while mindful of your financial and physical resources.