Why You Should Rent a Limo Instead of Getting an Uber

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If you have not been living under a rock, then you have probably heard of or used the likes of Uber and other ridesharing services. They are a popular and convenient way of getting around.

However, as you probably know by now, ridesharing services have major issues. For example, many incidents including cases of sexual harassment by drivers have been reported by clients bringing into sharp focus on the safety of such services. The legality of ridesharing services is also under scrutiny in many jurisdictions across the world.

So if you want to travel anywhere, why don’t you consider renting a limo instead of getting an Uber?

“Wouldn’t that be expensive?”

Well, not necessarily. Many people think that only celebs and the ultra-rich can afford limos. However, this is not the case especially nowadays. Limo rentals are quite affordable nowadays.

They are also superior to ride-sharing services such as Uber for a number of reasons. Below are the top five.

Renting a Limo Guarantees You Professional Services

Uber drivers and other drivers who work for similar ride-sharing apps are what you call contract workers. They simply need to have a vehicle that meets the ride-sharing company requirements and they will be allowed to work as drivers. Surely such drivers are not professionals in any sense of the word. They are just drivers.

In contrast, limo rental company drivers are trained chauffeurs. They are trained to drive clients professionally and to offer professional services. And most are permanently employed. So their objective when providing services to clients is to ensure that clients are fully satisfied with the services they offer. This is unlike Uber drivers who simply want to drop clients at their destinations and rush to the next destination to pick up the next customer.

The fact that limo rental company drivers are trained chauffeurs also means you can expect them to be completely professional. You can expect them to be warm and friendly, to drive professionally, to open and close doors for you, and to generally provide a professional service that befits their chauffeur license.

Renting a Limo Ensures You Travel in Comfort and Luxury

Ridesharing services are very basic. They are not meant for comfort or luxury. The requirements for ridesharing cars are simply designed to get cars that will get you there quickly and safely into the ridesharing carpool.

In contrast, limo rental companies typically have a number of real luxury vehicles that you can choose from. Vehicles that will ensure you travel and arrive in style. Vehicles that will give you optimal luxury so that you can attend that corporate event like the serious businessman you are. Or you can arrive at your wedding in style.

So if you want to make a statement and to travel in a vehicle that guarantees you luxury and comfort, rent a limo. Or if you are expecting a corporate guest in town or a potential business partner is flying in, rent a limo to pick them up at the airport. Nothing will impress them like your kind and considerate limo renting gesture. They will feel like they owe you when they get into a spacious car full of refreshments after a long fight.

Renting a Limo Means You Know What You Need To Pay Upfront

When you get an Uber, you will only get to know what you need to pay when you get to your destination. And while you will get to see the estimated upfront, there are various factors that might affect how much you end up paying. Some of the factors that will certainly affect how much you end up paying include the distance you travel, the route, peak hours, and so on.

The fact that the actual charge is often unknown can be frustrating. Some drivers also take longer routes to boost the charges.

Fortunately, when you rent a limo, you get to know what you need to pay upfront and you pay it upfront. No surprise charges at the end because you are traveling at peak hours or taking a longer route because of one or two reasons.

So with a limo rental, you’ve got no need to worry about what you will pay at the end because you pay everything upfront.

Renting a Limo Guarantees You a Wonderful Experience

When you rent a limo, you are hiring more than just transport from one place to the next. You are buying an experience; a wonderful experience.

And having a wonderful travel experience is especially key when you are heading to your wedding, your bachelor/ bachelorette party, an important corporate event, or to mark a special celebratory occasion.

How does hiring a limousine get you a wonderful travel experience? Well, unlike Uber taxis, limos are pretty spacious and luxurious. Very luxurious with superior quality interiors and are designed for maximum comfort. Most limo companies such as Carey Limousine Canada in Toronto also have fully stocked mini-fridges in their luxury cars to ensure clients get to enjoy themselves to the max while on the move.

Many new limousines also have superior sound systems. So if you want to travel like royalty and to enjoy your entire travel experience just so you could get yourself in a very good mood for the event you are heading to, get a limo and not an Uber.

Renting a Limo Will Provide You with Extra Services

Getting an Uber will just ensure you get to your destination quickly. While renting a limo allows you to choose a variety of other extra services.

For example, when getting a limo from a professional limo rental company, you can pick the luxury vehicle you want, you can get concierge services, you can order specific refreshments, and you will get your luggage carried for you. All these are things you won’t get from using an Uber taxi.

Renting a Limo Is Better Than Getting an Uber Ride

As you can see from the five reasons above, choosing limo rental is a far better option than getting an Uber ride. This is because limo transport is comfortable, affordable, luxurious, better, professional, and comes with additional services.

So if you want to travel somewhere with a professional driver and to have a wonderful experience during the entire journey, rent a limo. If you are in Toronto, look no further than Carey Limousine Canada for the best limo travel services.