Will Stair Railing Help Your Ottawa Home Look Stylish?

Stair Railings

Stair railings are not meant to be only useful. No matter what your stair railing is made from, metal or wood, they vary in style. People mostly overlook the stair railing whenever they are renovating their home. Your railing is one of the first things that people see when they come to your home. This means that your railing should be in great condition and make an excellent impression.

Should you have more modern or traditional railing?

If your house has a more traditional feeling, then you should probably opt for more traditional railings. Wood is mainly timeless and can be traditional at the same time. The great thing is that you can even use wood if your home is decorated in a more modern setting.

Adding a professional touch can add great value to the railings. You should match the color on the railings to the colors of other parts in your home. For instance, if you have, hardwood floors, you need to try and match the railings with the floors. You should try to get as close of a color match as possible.

Types of Wooden Railings

In most cases, pine can easily be used to create a stair railing. Pine often tends to be a soft wood and can very easily be damaged. Although oak is mostly used for stair railings.

Oak wood is a hard wood and is very often used to create railings in most public buildings. Next time you go to the library or a public place, look around and see if the railing is made from wood or metal. If made of wood, it is most likely made of Oak.

Additionally, Oak is durable and has a nice warm color. It can also be stained and painted, reliant on the type of look you are seeking.  Since Oak is also a smooth wood it may be used without sanding. Like all wood, oak has a beautiful grain pattern that can be used to draw attention the railing.

Your Contractor Can Help Answer All Questions.

Choosing an eye-catching stair case can be an exhausting process. There are many parts to constructing a staircase. Like matching all the wood for the pieces. Creating a striking stair case is nice, but you also need to make sure is it safe as well.

This is the reason that many homeowners choose to hire a professional when they are remodeling their home. Professional Ottawa general contractors will be able to help create an attractive staircase while at the same time making sure it is safe.

Professional contractors also know thing that you may not have even thought of. For instance, the rise that is between the stair treads can differ. You may have children or elderly parents that live with you in your home so the rise of stair tread may need to be altered from a home with all adults.

Not matter if you choose to hire a contractor or to do it yourself, you should do some research so you can find the perfect stair railing for you home. When you do this, the rest of the stair case process should fall right into place. After you are done, you should have a beautiful staircase that will give your home a stylish appeal.

You can choose from a wide variety of high quality Stairs and Railings of different styles. You can pick what design and carving for your Interior Stair Railings and even have them custom made.

If you are planning to install stair railings for your Ottawa home then consult with these contractors and stair specialists:

ABD Ironworld

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Phone: (613) 745-4600

Email: service@abdironworld.com

Continental Flooring

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Email: sales@continentalflooring.ca

CP & Son General Contractor

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