Windshield Repairs

Mobile Windshield Repair Ottawa

It is inevitable that at some point your car windshield will be rock chipped or cracked.  Almost all of those dings can be repaired, avoiding the complete replacement of your windshield.

The purpose of the repair is to afford the driver, you, safe motoring and to prevent further cracking.  It should also reduce glare and distractions that can result in safety issues and possibly higher insurance costs.

A full replacement can oftentimes leave you with more problems than you started with, like leaking, wind whistle, or windshield failure with airbag deployment.  This can happen when the replacement does not meet original equipment manufacturer specifications or are installed by individuals who are not trained windshield replacement technicians.

The repairs should look good and restore the glass to safety with structural integrity.  Inadequate repairs can actually cause the windshield to crack more or need the entire windshield to be replaced.  Insufficient or poor windshield repairs happen when the technician is not skilled and improper techniques are used.

Proper techniques should include, at a minimum, removal of moisture and air.  This is done with a special piece of equipment that will apply a strong vacuum and then inject resin properly for a solid repair.  Expect this to take a little time to accomplish.

First, the injector/vacuum unit is placed over the chip or crack.  The unit is set to vacuum to extract any moisture or air.  This should take about 10 minutes, unless there is excessive moisture, which will then take an additional 10 or 20 minutes.

Next, the unit is set for injection.  Resin is inserted into the crack or chip.  The machine alternates between injecting resin and vacuum until the chip or crack is completely filled.

Now a plastic Mylar cover patch is applied with pit filler, if necessary.

Finally, it is time for the curing process.  The resin will need to harden and that will take about 5 to 7 minutes.  Any excess resin is removed using a razor blade and the area is polished to optical quality. If the repairs are done properly, you won’t have any issues with that spot again.  However, if the repair is not properly completed, you have a larger problem.  You cannot repair that same spot again.

If you have more questions or need help, just contact Ottawa mobile windshield repair expert The Mobile Auto Glass Shop. They are there to help you.