10 Reasons to Choose Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring Ottawa

Adding wood flooring to a home is a major step to increase the house’s value and beauty.  There are several options to choose from including pre-finished planks, distressing, and colors.  Customers are often happy to relate information about the wood source and techniques used to create the flooring.

  • Wood becomes a part of daily life and by replanting trees it will continue for decades.  Today there are more choices available than ever before.
  • Cleaning wood floors is easy.  Wood does not trap dust, odors, or other substances like carpeting or tile grout.  Fewer chemicals are needed to keep a wood floor clean and neat.  With a swivel mop and occasional non-aerosol spray, everything is tidy in no time.
  • In the production and application of wood flooring, far less solid waste is created and added to already overflowing landfills.  Steel creates 40 times more pollutants in its manufacture than making the slats for your floor.
  • The cellular structure of wood allows it to trap more air, creating a better insulator.  It takes 15 inches of concrete to equal one inch of wood in terms of insulation.
  • Concrete releases over 3 times more carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.
  • There is a great degree of versatility in wood for decorating purposes.  They can be stained, painted and refinished easily.  This will apply to the initial installation as we as renovations and redecorating.
  • Wood floors last much longer.  Carpeting is frequently replaced up to six times more frequently than hardwood floors.
  • Wood floors have been found to increase the value of a home.
  • Maintenance for wood floors is simple and they can easily be refinished instead of replacing broken tiles or worn carpeting that end up in landfills.
  • Walking or standing on wood is easier on joints and the spine because it is more supple and allows the joints to respond to the softer flooring.
  • Wood does not attract or retain dust mites.  This is important for people with allergies, asthma and other breathing disorders.
  • Reforestation means ongoing product availability, unlike other resources that will deplete over time.  Right now in North America, more trees are being planted than are being used.
  • Planting tree seedlings is good for the environment.  Newer trees use more carbon dioxide than older trees, as well as return more oxygen to the air humans and animals need to exist.

It seems obvious that wood flooring is much better for the home and the environment.  Check out the various types of wood available and how it can best be utilized.