Roof Replacement Tips

Roof Replacement Ottawa

From time to time it becomes necessary to replace the roof of a house.  The best choice is to hire a professional especially if the structure has a steep pitch or unusual elements.

Cost is the first thing that comes to mind. Will the entire roof need replacement or only a portion.  The entire roof includes a roof deck and shingles, or a standard replacement which is felt paper and shingles.  If there are weak spots or rot in the plywood deck, it is in need of roof replacement.  A qualified contractor can provide good advice.

There are two main types of roofing:  shingles and metal.  Additionally, there are wood shakes that look very nice but do not have the life span of other materials, especially in hot, dry weather.  Metal roofs last the longest but are also the most expensive.  Shingles are less expensive and work in most types of weather.

Shingles give a nice look to the building and will work with most architectural styles.  There are different colors to choose from.  When making a choice, consider both the manufacturer and the warranty.  Some are guaranteed for 25 or up to 50 years.

Choose a good contractor.  Be sure the company is experienced and uses qualified workers.  They should be honest and be able to provide design suggestions and estimates.  From a shortlist of potential contractors, set up a time to talk and discuss options.  Choose the best available.

During the process keep an open line of communication.  Clear dialog means both parties will be satisfied with the outcome.