Advantages of Concrete Flooring

Concrete Flooring Ottawa

Polished concrete floors are becoming very popular.  You will find them in warehouses, offices, strip malls, and other places.

They are easy to maintain.

  • Cleaning is simply a damp mop swept over the surface to remove dust and dirt.
  • They don’t need waxing or recoating.
  • Moisture is not a problem.
  • They resist damage from scrapes and stains.

All of these factors add up to less cost in maintenance and repairs.

How is concrete polished?  It involves a process much like sanding wood.  In this case, a tool is used to smooth the pits and imperfections.  The abrasive used is diamonds.  Successively finer grades of diamonds are used until the surface has reached the desired smoothness.  Then a coating is applied.  This works like a polish to give the floor a nice shine and to aid in the prevention of problems found in other types of flooring.

Public buildings, for example, usually end up with a gleaming shine to enhance the ambiance of the area.  Warehouses would have far less need to sparkle, but still, need to remain clean and clear of spills and grime.  That is one reason for the popularity of concrete flooring.  It can be customized to the needs or desires of the owner.

Because of the versatility of the finished look combined with the cost-effectiveness of the product and maintenance fees, polished concrete flooring has become very popular with businesses as well as homeowners.  It can be very casual or formal with decorative elements and layout.  It can be stained before polishing so that the owner has a choice of colors.  It provides a very attractive and economical alternative.