Top Benefits of Tempered Glass

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Tempered glass is popular in both commercial and residential spaces today. In spite of its popularity, most people are still often unsure why this is a better option. In this article, we shall look at some of the reasons that make tempered glass a preferred material choice for both commercial and residential use in glass structures and features.

Stronger: Tempered glass is usually strengthened. This makes it very difficult to break. Its incredible strength means that it is capable of withstanding scratches, blows, impacts, strong winds, as well as other adverse weather conditions. And because of its resistance, tempered glass is frequently used in commercial settings and high-rise buildings.

Safer: On top of being incredibly strong, tempered glass is also safer compared to regular glass. Given that it is stronger, it resists breakage. However, in case it breaks (very rare) it shatters into blunt, nugget-like pieces, instead of sharp debris as is the case with regular glass. The sharp glass pieces from broken traditional glass could cause serious injuries and also quite challenging to clean up. That said, tempered glass ensures the safety of your family by preventing any serious injuries to them in case glass breaks.

Resistant to scratch and damages: Tempered glass is a great choice for commercial and residential doors, windows, and partitions, because of its high resistance. It is capable of withstanding daily usage as well as wear and tear. Also, utilizing tempered glass in glass windows, doors, and display cabinets ensure that these particular surfaces stay clear and flawless longer.

Versatile design: Because of its strength, tempered glass is often used in several unique and creative applications. It can, for instance, be used in frameless shower doors as well as other frameless glass structures such as commercial doors and partitions. They generally add a stylish and creative effect to both commercial and residential spaces.

Variety of patterns: Tempered glass is available in a wide range of designs and patterns for you to pick from. From frosted to engraved to colored and even clear options, the different pattern options ensure that you find something that compliments your taste and style.

Resistant to heat: When the traditional glass is exposed to high heat, it could break and result in dangerous pieces of sharp glass being dispersed. That is, however, not the case with tempered glass. During the production of tempered glass, it goes through a unique process to ensure that it can withstand high temperatures. This is probably why tempered glass is used in bathrooms whereby there is exposure to hot water.

High quality: Lastly, tempered glass is known for its high quality; providing crystal clear transparency as well as incredible outcomes in numerous settings. The location of use does not matter. Whether you intend to use tempered glass for display cases, shower doors, or even office windows, you can rest assured of maximum clarity and quality.

With its numerous benefits, the tempered glass could be a great choice for your business or living space.