Advantages of Installing Concrete Coatings

Concrete Coatings

Concrete floors have a negative reputation of being cold and characterless; more prison-like or industrial. However, not many people think of concrete as an affordable and beautiful flooring option that is easily customized to transform any type of space. Concrete Fusion can bring to life a vast array of design options when using concrete. The following are some advantages of concrete flooring.

Concrete Is Sustainable: There has been a continuing push to go green and concrete is one such sustainable option. Concrete coatings can be installed in areas where there is an existing concrete slab eliminating the need for new materials. The availability of numerous coating options has made concrete a viable option for spaces other than garages and basements. Concrete coatings are now used for living spaces such as bedrooms and lounges.

Ease of Maintenance: Concrete is one of the easiest floorings to clean and maintain in the market. For example, Concrete Fusion makes use of a polyurea basecoat which makes it stronger and more flexible than traditional epoxy concrete coatings and even easier to maintain. The concrete surface doesn’t need sealing or waxing. The use of a neutral cleaning agent is sufficient to clean the floor.

Cost-Effective: Installation of concrete flooring is quite affordable compared to other flooring options. Comparatively, hardwood floors are expensive to install and are not as durable as concrete.

Durability: Concrete is strong and makes a good option for building foundations and street paving. A well maintained concrete floor can last up to a hundred years. Durability is a factor for use of concrete for flooring in high-traffic commercial applications since it will stand the test of time without the need for replacement. Concrete flooring is also an attractive option for homeowners who want floors that require minimal maintenance.

Versatility: After installation of concrete flooring, you can install a carpet or hardwood on top of the concrete according to your preferences. Concrete offers a number of design options since it acts as a blank canvas. This makes it very attractive for potential home buyers if you are to sell the house.

Beautiful: Modern concrete mixing techniques have transformed how concrete will look in terms of color and texture. Some of the color and coating designs include metallic, chip, marble, and quartz that can be used for your living spaces.

Concrete makes an attractive flooring option for commercial and residential applications in Ottawa. Visit Concrete Fusion for consultation and to see samples of beautiful and functional concrete coatings.