Are Botox Treatments Safe?

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Dermis Advanced Skin Care, Ottawa botox experts are working in the industry for a long time.  Botox is a natural material that physicians use to care for a number of conditions.  It is primarily used by plastic surgeons for treating wrinkles and even thin lips.

Taken from a natural-occurring neurotoxin, Botox is injected into facial muscles to cause wrinkles to disappear.  It can also banish skin blemishes and other signs of aging.  When the face is relaxed, you look younger, healthier and energetic.

Properly administered, Botox will treat:

  • Crow’s feet – Those tiny lines around the eyes from squinting too much.
  • Droopy eyes – Lifting the eyebrow corners makes your eyes look fuller and more youthful.
  • Wrinkles – Foreheads are prone to worry lines, which can be treated.
  • Other wrinkles and lines – “Puppet Lines” around the mouth and jaw area.
  • Lips – Thin lips can be made fuller and more enticing.
  • Chin – Dimples can be diminished.
  • Facial definition – With age, our faces seem to lose youthful character.


More than 6 million Botox procedures are provided to patients annually.  Botox has been used for over twenty years, beginning with treating medical conditions and later found to be beneficial in cosmetic uses.  Botox is approved by medical boards and reviewed in medical journals.  To assure safety, be sure to only seek administration by a licensed practitioner.

Toxins are simply substances that can cause our body to react.  A perfect example would be a bee sting.  Biological toxins like Botox, administered in careful, small doses by a licensed clinician are safe to use.

How does it work?

Injected into a muscle, Botox will relax that area.  As we grow older, all the squinting, smiling, frowning, etc. will toughen the facial muscles leaving the creases from those emotions.  Aging can also cause blemishes or spots.  With the administration of Botox, the effects of muscle tenseness are lessened leaving you with a smoother, more relaxed appearance.

Does it take a lot of time?

Most procedures take about 10 minutes, with no appreciable recuperation time.  The results are almost immediately visible with full effects in about two weeks.

How much pain can I expect?

Not much at all.  An extremely thin needle is used and only a small amount of Botox liquid is injected.  There may be a slight pinching sensation.

Is it permanent?

Most treatments last several months.  With more applications, the changes will last longer.  Since the muscles are being trained to relax, they will learn to work for longer periods without assistance.


Cost is dependent upon the current condition of your face, numbers of blemishes, etc., and personal circumstances. Consult with a trained professional and discuss in detail the extent of the work you are interested in.  Making lips fuller generally costs a few hundred dollars and smaller procedures will cost less.

Any side effects?

Some minor bruising may occur, but any major complication is rare.

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