Facial Masks as Treatment for Acne

Acne Facials

Acne is a skin disease when pores or hair follicles get clogged with oil and dead skin resulting from skin eruptions commonly known as blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, zits, etc.  Commonly it is found on the face and upper back and upper chest.  Generally it starts in adolescence but can also be found in young adults.

There are a number of treatments, including facials.  While acne facial treatments alone will probably not completely solve this problem, they are certainly helpful.  They can be administered in a physician’s office, at a spa, or even in the privacy of your own home.  It is always advised to consult with a dermatologist before embarking on a plan of treatment, whether through a medical office, spa, or on your own.

Professional treatments will thoroughly cleanse the area and extract as much of the accumulated fluid, excess oil and other waste products.  It is not uncommon for a second cleanse application.  Next warm steam will be used to open the pores.  Then the facial mask, and sometimes a facial massage, is provided as part of the process.  These professionals should assess the skin type and recommend treatments for ongoing use.

If you opt for the do-it-yourself facial, there are common household items that can be used.  Just be sure your face is completely clean before starting.  Baking soda and water can be mixed together to form a paste.  Apply this paste to your face and allow it to dry for twenty minutes or so.  Rinse it off completely with cool water.

Another choice is a salt mask.  Start with three to five tablespoons of salt.  Add water a tablespoon at a time until it is the right consistency.  Apply the paste as a mask and let it dry for ten to twenty minutes.  Rinse it completely using warm water.

You might also want to try a yogurt and honey mask.  This is made by combining a mini container of plain yogurt with a tablespoon of warm honey.

Probably no single treatment will resolve your problems with acne.  You may want to consider a monthly trip to a professional like Essence of Beauty in Ottawa.