Basement Renovations that are worthy


Basement renovations can significantly improve the value of your home. Renovating your basement can enhance the value of your home much more significantly than renovating your bathrooms or kitchen. Therefore, if you want to improve the value of your home before selling it, you should strongly consider renovating your basement. 

You should also consider renovating your basement if you want to turn it into the perfect game room for your kids, an extra bedroom for your guests or the perfect man cave for yourself. To renovate your basement the right way, you need to follow the steps below. If you have never done any professional renovation in your life, it is best to leave the process below to contractors such as Basement Renovation Ottawa to get professional results.

How to make your basement renovation worth the investment


It is important to start by planning how you will go about renovating your basement. The planning should begin by assessing the structure of your basement and then deciding on what renovations are suitable. A professional basement renovation company can help you properly assess your basement for a renovation that will truly upgrade the look of your bedroom.

Upgrade basement flooring

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your basement is to upgrade its flooring. You obviously should not upgrade your flooring before you renovate the structure and the walls and do all the work involving the basement’s ceiling and walls. The best flooring for basements includes modular carpet tiles, laminate, and inexpensive carpets.

Consider shelves

If your basement is small or smallish, one of the ways to upgrade it is to add shelves. These will enable you to reduce clutter and give it a cleaner, less crowded look.

Consider mould-fighting walls

There are fibreglass walls and breathing walls that you can add to your basement walls to reduce the likelihood of mould affecting your basement.

Consider natural light

Adding natural light is probably the easiest way to turn your basement from an ordinary basement to a modern basement. You can use egress windows to add light or multiple lights to light up your basement and make it feel less dark and less secluded from the rest of the house. Moreover, you can make your walls brighter by applying bright paint to them.

Consider adding a toilet

Many people do not know it is possible to add a bathroom to a basement. It is very possible, and when the toilet is properly installed, it will work perfectly. So if you are turning your basement into a bedroom or man cave, you should consider adding a bathroom to make it easy for any user to use the toilet when they need to.

Finding a contractor

By following the information above, you should be able to renovate your basement. However, if you have never renovated your basement before and you want professional basement renovation results, you should contact professionals. And if you are in Ottawa, the best professionals to reach out for a basement renovation are Ottawa Home ProsThey offer all types of renovation and remodel services and can get the job done in a short time, delivering the best results at competitive rates.