Choosing The Best Timber for Your Deck

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You’ve just made the decision to use timber for your deck, and you cannot, however, seem to decide which timber to use for your project. Note that there are several factors that need to be considered when selecting the timber species to use. They include appearance, location of the deck, availability and budget, as well as maintenance. Let’s take a closer look at these factors.

Things to consider


People often chose timber for its natural appeal. When deciding which timber to use, consider the colour you’d like for the deck. Enhancing the timber’s natural hue can be done using a Colortone.

Deck location

It is important to select a timber that is capable of withstanding the weather conditions that it will be exposed to. High levels of exposure to sunshine, wind, and rain will need a hardy timber species.

Availability and budget

Decking timbers differ in cost, from cheap treated Pine to the more costly hardwoods. When working on a budget, make sure that you carefully plan for the space that needs to be worked on. Also, note that the easily available timbers are often less costly and much easy to source, particularly for those working on a tight schedule.


Regardless of the timber you choose, your deck will still require regular maintenance to maintain its good looks. Some decking timbers are easier and quicker to maintain in comparison to others.

Best Timber for Your Deck 

Now that you know what factors we as Ottawa deck builders look at when considering the timber to use, it is time to know the best timber for your deck.


There are numerous hardwood species to pick from for decking projects. They include;

Merbau– It is a durable yet cheap hardwood, and its warm red-brown tones create striking decks.

Ironbark– This is among the most durable decking hardwoods. It is rot, fire, and termite resistant, and it provides excellent longevity.

Jarrah– It is a bit costly. It is also fire-resistant, and it turns into a beautiful grey colour over time.

Blackbutt– It has high fire resistance.

Spotted gum– Commonly used for decking because of its strength and durability. On top of being fire-resistant, it also has a wide colour range.

Yellow and red stringybark– Both are durable for outdoor usage.


  • Durable, high-quality timber
  • Produces gorgeous decks
  • Less costly than composite decks


  • More expensive than treated Pine
  • Difficult to nail or drill
  • Some hardwood species are prone to iron-stain or extractive bleed out

Treated Pine

Treated Pine is an excellent option for those working on a budget. Before deciding to use treated Pine for your deck, check if it is appropriate for outdoor usage.

Cutek Extreme and Cutek CD50 can be used on pre-treated pine straightaway without the need for any initial preparation treatment.

Cutek Proclean prepares the timber for the protection oil, whereas Cutek CD33 Naked allows the treatment oil to penetrate the timber to do its set job easily.


  • Versatile and lightweight
  • Available at pocket-friendly costs
  • Pressure-treated to tolerate termites, fungi, and decay
  • It can be painted or sprayed to change its appearance


  • Somewhat restrictive because the timber is already treated
  • Requires frequent oiling for protection against the elements
  • Less aesthetically pleasing in comparison to hardwood

Hiring Ottawa deck builders

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