Best Flooring Options for Redoing Your Kitchen

Home Renovation

The kitchen is the focal point or space of many homes. It is a place where families gather to spend time most evenings especially in houses that are not so big. When doing a home renovation, If you want to remodel or redo your kitchen flooring, there are five flooring options you should strongly consider. These options are the best because they have the best attributes. The flooring options are sheet vinyl, porcelain tile, engineered vinyl plastic, stone tile, and cork. Compared to other flooring options, they are: attractive, easy to scrub, water-resistant, and very durable. Below are their unique attributes and how they compare against other flooring options.

Sheet vinyl

This flooring option is available in a variety of styles and colors. And its price and durability are dependent on its thickness. The thicker it is the more expensive and durable it is. If you live in a cold area you will definitely love it. This is because it does not get cold like other flooring options. 

The best things about this option are that it is water-resistant, easy to scrub, budget-friendly, and comfortable under the foot. While the worst thing about it is that when you put something heavy on it, it will probably leave a depression.

Porcelain tile

This flooring option is very strong and very resistant to damage. It is also very resistant to spills and stains and it is definitely a breeze to clean with a wet mop.

The best things about this flooring option are that it is waterproof, very durable, resistant to staining, and perfect for kitchens with high traffic e.g. commercial kitchens. While the worst thing about it is that it can be quite slippery when very wet.

Engineered vinyl plastic

The best thing about this flooring option is that it looks like real hardwood but it is indeed a very cheap and sustainable alternative.

It is best known for being waterproof and being relatively easy to install. However, it is not very resilient compared to other flooring options.

Stone tile

This flooring option is a natural flooring option. This flooring option is usually regarded as the most unique and attractive flooring option.

The best things this flooring option is that it is not slippery and that it is quite attractive and unique (no two stone tiles are alike). While the worst thing about this flooring option is that it can be quite expensive.


This should be the flooring option you go for in your kitchen floor remake if you want something that is budget-friendly and that you can step on barefoot. This is because it is warm and feels cushioned.

The worst thing about it is that it can be scratched or dented by heavy appliances or stuff.

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