Which Flooring is Best for My Business?

concrete flooring

There are different types of commercial concrete flooring options available on the market. The types include epoxy, grind and seal, and polished concrete flooring options. Each option has its own pros and cons.

Polished concrete flooring option

This is a very popular and striking flooring option for many businesses. It is available in just about any size, color, or style. The best thing about it is its finish. It is highly polished and, therefore, smooth and attractive. The fact that it is smooth also means that it is a breeze to clean.

This biggest downside with this flooring option is that it loses its polished shine and becomes dull with time. To make it look shiny and attractive again you have to re-polish it after every couple of years. This is especially true you use it in a place with high traffic. One more downside is that it is not very resistant to chemicals and stains. So do not use it in a commercial setting where you are handling chemicals.

This flooring option is kind of expensive and labor-intensive to install even for large areas.

Grind and seal flooring option

This flooring option is made through grinding concrete in the same way the polished concrete flooring option is made. However, the grinding in the process of making this flooring option is more intense. And once the process is complete, a prime coat and a clear topcoat are applied. This usually yields a super smooth finish that can either be matte, satin, or high gloss or stained using specific colors.

The best advantages of this option are: more traction and increased durability due to the use of urethane in the coating process. The beauty of the top coating on this flooring option is also an advantage. Lastly, this flooring option is also easy to clean and this is definitely an advantage. This flooring option is also less expensive and is easier to install than the polished concrete option.

Epoxy coating option

This is also a decent coating option. It is perfect for commercial establishments with high traffic e.g. warehouses with forklifts and other machinery because it is thick and durable. It is also perfect for establishments with already cracked concrete flooring because it fills cracks and gaps and is self-leveling. This flooring is available in a number of colors and finishes.

New epoxy floors are a breeze to clean. They also exhibit fantastic chemical and stain resistance. The cost of installing this type of flooring varies widely depending on the color, style and amount of flooring you want.