Care for Terminally Ill Patients Through Hospice Care

Hospice Care Ottawa

Hospice care is the care of patients near death because of illness or natural causes. When doctors recognize that a patient has arrived at a point where they are past recovery or cure they recommend to the family to admit the patient into Hospice Care. Hospice Care has been growing since the early 11th century where it began in Europe then slowly spread to the United States, United Kingdom, Africa, Australia, Canada, and other countries. Hospice Care helps to supply medical services, emotional and spiritual support for one that is in the last stages of a life due to serious illness. It also aids family members and caregivers to manage the care of a loved one who is faced with the impending reality of death. Often in these last stages of one’s life an individual is overwhelmed by feelings of regret, depression, or fear. Hospice programs here in Ottawa can form a group that focuses on the quality of life rather than continuing with treatment to prolong life.

When one is faced with their end of time they can become easily disturbed by their many thoughts. These thoughts can become quite overwhelming and difficult to control. Many doctors will suggest Hospice Care for the patient, their family, and caregivers. The goal is to keep the patient comfortable and improve their quality of life so that they may pass with dignity. Hospice Care can help the patient and loved ones face the final stages of death and the many emotions they are faced with.

One common feeling among many during this time is regret. The patient may wish things had been done different. The patient may wish he/she would have spent less time working and more time staying connected with family and friends. Another regret is people who wished that they had not conformed. That they had chosen instead to be who they are, and to believe what they wanted to believe. Some wish that they had spent more time with loved ones, or shared unexpressed thoughts or feelings with them. The Hospice care team can help to alleviate the feelings of inadequacy one may feel by recommending a “Bucket List” to help them accomplish the things they feel as though they may have missed out on.

Fear is another common feeling for those facing death since none knows what life beyond death is truly like. Most beliefs have given form to this question by stating that upon meeting the Maker they would be questioned about their deeds and intentions. It is no wonder that about 97% of those facing death are afraid of what is to come. They are afraid to answer for the choices they made in their lives.

Some patients who fear death are able to remember that the Lord forgives, or whatever form of clemency is offered by their beliefs. Patients with faith are encouraged to work within their faiths to find resolution. Upon request spiritual or religious materials are provided to help patients. Patients in Hospice Care are also encouraged to spend as much time with their loved ones as possible.

During the difficult last stages of a serious illness, many people feel that they have lost control over their lives and what will happen to them. Hospice Care gives you options which allow you to make the decisions for the important things for you or your loved one at the end. The Hospice Care team help to give the dying dignity. It offers many services for the family before and after the death of a loved one including counseling and support. Loved ones of those who are dying are shown that death is not the end of that love. They are shown that life will and should continue to move forward while they carry their love with them.

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