Do You Require Teeth Alignment? Choose the Invisible Braces

Invisible Braces Ottawa

Cosmetic dentistry has been around for a good number of years. Treatments such as crowns, teeth whitening, replacement teeth, fillings and alignment of teeth have been available over an extended period of time.

The last few decades have seen a rise in popularity of these cosmetic dental treatments as well as further development. There has been real progress with technologically sophisticated treatments for the different cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Teeth alignment among all other cosmetic dentistry procedures has proven to the most difficult since it involves each and every tooth in the mouth. The challenge also lies in the process having to last many months and even years. To the dental professionals, teeth alignment has been a matter of intuition and professional guesswork.  Braces have been adopted to ensure that teeth are properly orientated and are in the ideal location.

Braces have been around for many years and even decades. However, it is only in recent times that an evolution of the braces has been seen. One highly talked about advancement is the Invisalign braces that are different from the traditional braces since they are clear and invisible.

The Invisalign braces are virtually invisible with high chances that you will not notice that somebody is wearing the braces. Only a keen look at the teeth will reveal that somebody is wearing the Invisalign braces. It has been the major reason why numerous people are now choosing to wear the Invisalign braces as opposed to the traditional braces.

Remember that when considering teeth alignment, your appearance is an important factor irrespective of your age and looking at the duration of the process. The duration of the process is lengthy meaning the braces are worn for months and even years. Lastly, you will think about the outcome of the treatment once it is completed.

The Invisalign braces are only worn for a few months rather than the 2 or 3 years for the traditional braces. It is an advantage that draws many people to choosing these invisible braces. The Invisalign braces can align teeth in a faster period since you wear more than a pair of braces.

The teeth alignment process is broken down to two weeks windows. The first pair of Invisalign braces is worn for about two weeks after which a new set of braces that are slightly different is given. Over the entire duration of treatment, you will visit the dentist every two weeks to get a new pair of braces. Each replacement pair of Invisalign braces represents an incremental step towards the final teeth alignment.

The final and perhaps most important advantage is that the Invisalign braces produce a superior and more accurate final result in teeth alignment compared to the traditional braces. A highly detailed impression of your dental makeup is taken and used to generate a 3-D model of your teeth. A computer is used by the dentist to move the teeth into the ideal alignment as well as generate the intermediate stages. The virtual molds at each stage will be created so that a pair of braces is designed to guide teeth to the eventual alignment.

The Invisalign braces have to offer people a reason to smile. Invisible Braces Ottawa will provide impartial expert advice as well as get the Invisalign braces inserted.