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Modern day lifestyles are linked to numerous health problems. Corporate lifestyles characterized by seating for many hours in front of a computer can take their toll. The lack of exercise and poor posture are to blame for body pain and discomfort.

Physiotherapists are knowledgeable in therapeutic techniques that help people to correct posture and hasten the recovery process. Feel free to consult us whenever you have work related problems and get to speak to specialists.

Therapeutic Techniques

Physiotherapists have good knowledge of the human anatomy and are conversant with the techniques to use to aid in your recovery. Some of the massage techniques are:

  1. A) Deep Tissue Massage: The technique is good for the release of muscular tension. Deep tissue massage directly targets strained and damaged muscles. The pressure applied is varied depending on patient condition and tolerance. Massage oil is used during the massage and helps to improve blood circulation and the supply of oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissues. In effect, the massage helps to promote recovery and reduce pain.
  2. B) Myofascial Release: Pain in the upper body in areas such as the shoulders, back, and the neck is a major complaint from many people. The myofascial release in these upper body areas helps to relax stressed muscles effectively reducing discomfort and pain and improving mobility.
  3. C) Soft Tissue Treatment: The technique helps to promote the repair of injured soft tissues. Soft tissue injuries are on the rise due to repetitive strain injury. Physiotherapists will assess the injury and level of pain in the soft tissue so that the appropriate treatment is provided to manage the issue. Treatment may involve procedures such as cross fiber friction and massage.
  4. D) Remedial Massage: The massage is good for hastening the healing and repair of damaged muscles and tendons. Motion Matters will first identify the location of the damage and treat it by enhancing the body’s healing powers. The massage is carried out using oil to improve blood circulation and to aid in removal of toxic waste derived from overuse of tissues. Tissues will subsequently rejuvenate themselves and return to normality.

Good Physiotherapists in Ottawa will make use of other treatments to offer relief and complete recovery such as:

  1. a) Joint Mobilization: It is aimed at people with damage due to misuse, accident, and for postoperative patients to restore the mobility of joints.
  2. b) Trigger Point Release: Muscles have trigger points that can be treated through acupressure, dry needling, and friction. These trigger points cause pain at the site or distally along a nerve.
  3. c) Postural Retraining: An exercise program that helps correct posture and creates awareness on the importance of correct posture.
  4. d) Neuro-dynamic Techniques: Used to treat nerve disorders through non-invasive techniques.

A good physiotherapist in Ottawa will utilize these therapeutic techniques to treat and offer relief so that people enjoy good health.

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Physiotherapists Ottawa

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