Egg Donation Agencies: What You Should Know Before Becoming An Egg Donor

Egg Donation Ottawa

Helping to bring a new life to the world is a wonderful privilege. You’ll be contributing to the creation of a new life when you donate your eggs. There are lots of couples out there who can’t have a baby without your help. When you choose to donate your eggs, you’ll be giving them a precious gift – the chance to be a parent. You can also earn a living as an egg donor. It pays really well financially. Irrespective of your motivation for becoming an egg donor – to help infertile couples build their families or to earn a living – there are some things you should know.

What to Know About Egg Donation

Not everyone can become an egg donor. There is a lot involved in egg donation. That’s why you should ensure that you understand exactly what is to expect. For, instance, egg donation involves undergoing a lot of medical procedures, some of which are invasive and could be very risky. A donor must be willing to submit to these procedures and commit several weeks of your time. The entire process could be psychologically challenging. Even the egg donor approval process is emotionally demanding with several psychological evaluations and consultations.

Many egg donation agencies reassure would-be donors that egg donation is totally safe. Note, however, that there are some serious, although rare risks. Also, there exists no long-term research on the effect of egg donation. This means that doctors don’t know the exact long-term health implications of being an egg donor.

Compensation for Egg Donation

As an egg donor, you can make anywhere between $3,500 and 8,000. However, you can receive over $15,000 if you possess certain desired physical, mental, cultural, academic or religious traits. Bear in mind though, that the money you earn is not for the eggs you donate. Instead, you’re being paid for your time and the inconvenience you’ll go through during the egg donation process. That’s why you shouldn’t receive less pay if the amount of eggs your body produces is fewer than expected. Besides, it is actually illegal to get paid for donating human organs or tissues.

Additionally, your agreement should include that the cost of the entire process would not be your burden. The intended parents often bear the cost of egg donation, not the agency or clinic. Also, the agreed compensation should be held in escrow during the donation process. Specific treatment milestones and dates should be set so that you can receive payment for each milestone reached, instead of waiting till the end to get paid. Note that you may need to pay taxes on the money you make from being an egg donor. You should seek the advice of a professional accountant on how to proceed with the tax payment.

Egg Donation Agencies

A person who wants to donate eggs could do so through an Egg Donation Agency or a fertility clinic. One should be careful when selecting a donor agency to use. A highly reputed egg donation agency should provide a donor with appropriate guidance, health care, confidentiality, and assistance. It is better to choose an agency or clinic that puts their clients’ concerns first at all times when facilitating egg donation.

Some of the best egg donation agencies facilitate easy and prompt communication with donors. Reliable world-class agencies also pay for travel expenses of donors. You may also be allowed to bring a companion so that you don’t feel alone during the process. Because of the number of medical evaluations that you will undergo to be approved as an egg donor, you may see it as an opportunity to gain insight into your personal well-being. This is good, especially if you intend having your own children.

Research and read widely on the subject of egg donation and find out about surrogate mothers through internet research and visits to licensed agencies such as Fertility Match in Ottawa.