Everything You Need To Know About Concrete

Concrete Flooring

Concrete is very important in the construction of buildings. It is formed by mixing quality cement, aggregates, and water and letting the mixture dry. The reaction between cement and water almost always results in a material that is hard and rock-like when done right. This tough material aka concrete is what helps to hold up structures, to build foundations, to construct story buildings, and to make many other structures including bridges.

Concrete is quite popular for various construction purposes because it can be made in different ways to give it different properties.

Advantages of Concrete

  1. It has good strength and is economical.
  2. It does not weather or corrodes easily.
  3. It can be used for many different things including the construction of walls and foundations.
  4. It requires little maintenance and it is very durable.
  5. It is fire-resistant.

There are several different types of concrete that can be made and they all have different properties or features. They include lightweight concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete, foamed concrete, and temperature-controlled concrete.

Lightweight concrete

This is a very popular type of concrete. It is lightweight compared to other types of concrete. Its mass per unit volume is lower because the aggregates utilized to make it are light. Lightweight concrete is preferred in construction applications whereby a lightweight load is needed e.g. parapet or road lining.

Lightweight aggregate

This is a special type of lightweight concrete. It is made using very lightweight aggregates such as volcanic pumice, clay, slate, fly ash, or pelletized expanded slab. It is also utilized in applications that need no extra load.

Foamed concrete

This is also a special type of lightweight concrete. It is specifically known for being very workable and for having a low density. Furthermore, it is self-compacting and self-leveling features that many builders really love about it. Construction companies often utilize this type of concrete for its thermal insulation properties. They also use it to feel voids such as sewer systems, pipelines, or unused tanks in situations where necessary.

Temperature-controlled concrete

This special type of concrete is quickly gaining popularity in the construction industry. It is made slowly by controlling the temperature as the name suggests. The temperature is controlled using cooled raw materials such as chilled water or ice. By using these cooled materials, the temperature of the mixture’s reaction is usually very low at first.

When concrete is made using the temperature-control method, it usually ends up highly permeable and highly durable. Its drying shrinkage is also usually lowered just like its thermal stress. The cost of making it is also lower and it is relatively eco-friendly.

This type of concrete is usually made to build dams and bridges.

Final Word

As it is clear from the statements above, concrete is very important for construction purposes. And it can be made in various ways to achieve different properties.

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