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indoor golf

Everyone is welcomed to experience the Irish Hills Golf and Country Club’s great hospitality as well as the remarkable golf courses.

We, however, request everyone to familiarize themselves with the club’s rules and regulations and follow them at all times. This will ensure that every member of the club has a great time at the premise. Note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your friends and family comply with the club’s rules.


There are a couple of etiquette rules that every member of the club should follow. These are:

  1. No player should continue playing until all the players at the front are totally out of range.
  2. Players looking for a ball must permit the other players coming to play through and must not proceed to play until those players are out of range.
  3. When playing on the fairway, specifically on the green, players should play without any delays. When your opponent or partner is playing, you should study your shot and be prepared to play when it is your turn in order to speed up play.
  4. A quicker group should be welcomed to play through slower groups at whichever point on the course, regardless of the number of players in the match.
  5. After the outcome of a hole is determined, every player should immediately depart from the putting green and move to the succeeding tee whereby the scores can be recorded.
  6. Every player is reminded to repair all divots and ball marks.

Lightning safety

Lightning is a dangerous hazard. It should be taken very seriously. Every player must stop playing and look for shelter at any time they feel threatened by lightning.

In case of a red alert, players will be warned. First, the lightning prediction system will sound an extended blast (15 seconds) to signal interruption of play. Next, strobe lights will be seen flashing above the horn clusters.

Every member should follow the club’s rule of immediately halting play and look for shelter once the system is activated. You can seek shelter at the clubhouse, lightning shelters, pm-course structures, or even trucks. Avoid open areas, tall trees, raised grounds, and power lines.

Furthermore, working staff are not allowed to drive golfers during red alerts. Play should not be re-commenced unless the pro shop or system has advised golfers to do so.

Wireless communication

Some set rules and regulations have to be followed regarding wireless devices and communication. They are:

  1. Talking on mobile phones is not allowed on golf courses or in the indoor golf Ottawa.
  2. When on club premises, all WCDs should be on silent mode
  3. Non-audible WCD use is allowed in the following club areas; locker rooms, parking lots, business center, pro shop, learning center, and the Tee house
  4. As long as proper course etiquette is followed and the speed of play does not get affected, non-audible WCD use is allowed on the tee boxes while waiting for the playing group at the front to clear.