Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Playing Golf

Playing golf is linked to impressive health benefits even though it doesn’t call for jumping, sprinting, or other fast-paced actions. Despite golf not being an immensely physical, it still gives you mind and body a good workout.

Golf has the capability to confer health benefits, both physical and mental, to people that may surprise outweigh those gained from other sporting activities. The following are some surprising health benefits of playing golf.

Weight Loss: You will have covered approximately four miles if you play a full 18 round game of golf by walking in a straight line. However, following the ball from point to point will make you exceed the four miles. In addition, walking up and down undulating terrain will help burn away calories. An average golfer will burn about 1,400 calories per round of golf with benefits in weight management and heart health. Other calorie consuming physical activities including swinging, bending and carrying golf clubs and bags.

Mental Health and Wellbeing: People are now more aware of the importance of mental health and taking the necessary steps to safeguard their wellbeing. Playing golf is a good way to improve mental health through brain stimulation. The game is easy to learn and will keep you physically active. A simple round of golf will require your concentration which improves focus, gets rid of negative thoughts, and improves mindset. Golf has been used as a form of therapy for US military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Minimal Risk of Injury: Golf is a non-contact sport that saves the body from excessive stress also associated with other sports such as squash and tennis. Golf is therefore ideal for people of all ages. However, people playing golf may still sustain minor injuries from swinging, spraining an ankle, and general muscle soreness.

Social Interaction: The majority of golfers enjoy game golf with friends or with some competition all in a bid to socialize and interact with people. Social interactions have immense benefits for mental and emotional wellbeing. It is easy to hold conversations when playing golf since it is a low-intensity sport.

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