10 Health Benefits of Golf. Some May Surprise You!

Health Benefits of Golf

To keep healthy, everyone needs exercise and hobbies.  It is always great when they can be combined into a single activity.  That could just be the sport of golf.  There are many benefits to playing a round or two of golf.  It could be a perfect choice. Keep reading to see if golf is for you.

Stress Relief – If there is something that becomes so frustrating that you want to hit something, go for a golf ball.  It is a great way to release anxiety and stress.  Golfing with friends combines a social element.  Walking across the lush green or near the woods or pond also gives a sense of calm.  Afterward, try some liquid refreshment at the snack bar to top the day off.

Cardiac Health – Less strenuous than weight lifting and easier on the joints and back than running, the gentle stroll combined with swinging a club will provide the 30 minutes of activity doctors recommend.  The results usually affect the cardiovascular system as well as maintaining a good cholesterol level.

Weight Maintenance – Taking 1,000 steps a day may seem unachievable until it is walking along a golf course.  Combine that with the effort to swing a club and bending to retrieve a ball, and there is great exercise to maintain a reasonable weight or even lose a few pounds.

Skeletal Strength – Too much high-impact sports or exercise will take a toll on joints.  Golf, on the other hand, provides the right amount of lifting golf bags for a weight-bearing exercise that improves muscle tone as well as maintains strong bones.

Mental Wellbeing – Calculating shot angles, distance and force are all activities that keep brain function working well.  The mental acuity of planning and concentration will improve memory and cognitive abilities plus provide interest to keep the gray cells working.

Vitamin D – The best way to absorb Vitamin D is reasonable exposure to the sun.  Lack of a sufficient amount of Vitamin D results in fatigue, slower healing, and depression.  Regular rounds of golf give individuals proper exposure to sunlight to provide Vitamin D to maintain a good balance.  Being cheerier helps the person as well as influences all those around.

Lower Blood Sugar – In addition to reducing the number of carbohydrates, fruits, and sugar, exercise will reduce blood sugar.  Ottawa Golf Course offers the opportunity to take a walk and hit a few balls to help lower glucose levels and have fun besides.

Better Sleep – Getting the right amount of daily exercise allows the body to function at optimum levels and that includes the ability to achieve a good night’s restorative sleep.  The sport will expend pent up energy and allow the body to fully relax into nocturnal bliss.

Confidence – Achieving goals, even small ones like lopping a stroke or two off a round of golf, will boost confidence.  With that improvement other successes become apparent and it is easier to succeed in daily and long term activities.

Longevity – All of the elements listed will increase a person’s ability to live a longer and more productive life.  Glucose and cholesterol are reduced, bones and muscles are being worked, mental agility is improved, and socializing is more enjoyable.

Conclusion – Combining all the elements of golf, it may be time to visit Ottawa Golf Club.  For those already addicted to the sport, it is a fine way to spend a few hours each weekend.  For the uninitiated, it is a chance to explore a new opportunity to engage in an activity to promote mental and physical wellbeing in a social atmosphere.